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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pallet, Salt Lake City, Utah

There are many advantages to living in a city.  My favorite?
The food. All of the amazing food.

 So many different restaurants to try, all within walking distance. 
When our friends from NYC were in town and wanted to try Pallet, I was quite excited.
Pallet has been on my list for a while, and this was the perfect reason to schedule dinner. 

The building is next door/shared with my beloved Rose Establishment, a darling little coffee shop I talked about in this post.  It is in a beautiful older brick building.  What I loved the most about this spot was the history of the building, and the vibe the restaurant had.  

Pallet really took its atmosphere to represent the building and its history and charm.  Pallet was constructed in the early 1900's and was formerly a busy loading dock for Salt Lake Valleys first creamery.  While the building has been updated, the design and vibe of the space works to keep that charm. The artwork, the reclaimed wood, all the details from construction to the borax hand soap dispenser in the bathrooms (for real!) and the antique type writer in the back speak to this era. 

I ordered a drink at the bar while waiting for friends to show for our 8:45 reservation.  My ONE complaint about Pallet was that at 8:47, two minutes past our reservation, the hostest came over to ask again where our party was.  It was only 2 minutes past our reservation and this sort of left a bad taste in my mouth (they showed up a minute later). 

 The bar had a lovely atmosphere and an amazing cocktail menu full of unique signature drinks.  The thai daiquiri was spicy, delicious, and highly recommended. These are high quality cocktails my friends.  

Salt Lake Magazine

The typewriter was such an adorable and fitting touch to the restaurant.  I loved reading all of the adorable/strange messages on the wall that had been typed up at the restaurant.  

My favorite line was the message was still on the typewriter when I walked over. 

"This is the best gift you could give her
A lifetime of adventure". 
This line really stuck with me and made me smile.
I am a sucker for good quotes. 

And then I left my words of wisdom
"Meatballs are amazing" 
Not profound, but the truth. 

I just loved the details in this place.  Even the silverware made my heart smile.  The atmosphere, the vibe, the drinks, the menu.  This is such an amazing spot. 

It was so much fun having dinner with friends, and this was not the type of place you obnoxiously snap food photos.  The restaurant has shared long "family style" tables, dim lighting, and a wonderful mood.  While there are no pictures of our meal, trust me when I say it was amazing. 

Those meatballs.  Best meatballs I have ever had.  You must order this as an appetizer.  The kale salad was also simple, delicious, and made for a great starter.  "New American" food with trendy twists. Smaller portions but high quality and plenty of food.  I suggest ordering an appetizer because A- they are amazing and B- the portions for dinner are smaller than some restaurants.   For dinner, I had the lamb and it was so flavorful, fell right off the bone with this amazing sauce and herbs.  Thatcher had the trout which looked lovely as well.  The perfect portion and for a fair price. Everyone really loved their meals and we all left full and happy. 

We all really loved that our the checks were brought over to the table in a unique way. 
Not in a check holder but in old books. 


Cutest little detail ever.  

Pallet, you impressed me. 
 I had high expectations and you met them.  I can't wait to be back.
  Friends who come visit, you can expect that this place is going to the top of our list!
River Tavern is my east coast love and Pallet is a happy "west coast substitute". 

Salt Lake City has some wonderful food and is winning me over, 
meal by meal. 


  1. Perhaps you should share the date pudding recipe with them?
    Don't tell them, just leave it on the typewriter.


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