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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tabata Thursday # 4

This week's Tabata round is inspired by some awesome moves I saw on the Tone It Up girls Hitty Bitty Bikini series.  I have never really followed any Tone It Up plans or workouts....Don't get me wrong, I think they have some great workouts, I am just a little confused by girls working out in bikini with their hair perfectly curled and that much makeup  I get it, I get it they are walking advertisement for their program, but it is just a little odd to me and always kind of threw me off.

Anyways, despite the bikini thing, I really liked some of the moves they did on their new video so I decided to do their routine. The HIIT workout was 1 minute of each exercise and ended up being about a 20 minute workout.  While it was a killer workout and I was dripping in sweat from a 20 minute workout, I really prefer the Tabata timing 

THIS sweaty from a 20 minute workout.
  I had to take a picture to prove it to myself!

 I am going to take some of these great moves and make it into a 30 minute tabata round for my class. I really liked these moved and loved how they targeted a bunch of different large muscles groups, and often in one move. But I really struggled with the 60 second interval for some of these moves, so we are going to Tabata them!

Click Here to see their original workout on the 1 minute HIIT timer.  It is also a great place to see them demo all the moves for perfect form!

Grab a set of hand weights and a mat, and lets get to work!

Here are the visuals for the moves from the TIU girls. 

FIRST EXERCISE - 8 rounds of 20 second work, 10 seconds rest
Deadlift + Upright Row + Tricep Extension.
3 part move. 1. Dead lift, hinging at the hips to bring the weight from shin level to a normal standing position. 2. Next, upright row, weight from thigh height up until your forearms are parallel with the ground, and then 3. a tricep extension-basically unfolding your arms from that parallel position to straight out like the image 

SECOND  EXERCISE - 8 rounds of 20 second work, 10 seconds rest
Jump Tuck Burpees
This is combining two killer moves, a Jump Tuck, and part of a Burpee.  Instead of a little "hop" to start the burpee, do a Jump Tuck- Jump as high as you can driving your knees to your elbows.  Land, plant your hands, and shoot your feet back into a plank.  Jump your feet back in towards your hands, jump up and start again with the Jump Tuck.  

THIRD  EXERCISE - 8 rounds of 20 second work, 10 seconds rest
Curtsy Lunge with Side Raise.
Instead of stepping straight back for a normal lunge, step back and to the side (diagonally) as seen in the picture.  In this position, dip down to complete the lung.  Return to center and with your palms facing your thighs, life your arms straight up, with your palms now facing the ground.  Switch legs and curtsy to the other side, return to center, side raise and repeat. 

FOURTH  EXERCISE - 8 rounds of 20 second work, 10 seconds rest
Classic speed skaters
 Here, you're going to lunge from side to side as you reach across to touch 1 hand near the opposite foot, shifitng from side to side, keeping the back leg int he air and staying low in a lunge position. 

FIFTH  EXERCISE - 8 rounds of 20 second work, 10 seconds rest
Plank Tuck and a Side Plank
Starting in plank position, jump your knees in towards your hands, and then back to plank position.  Once back in plank position, shift your weight into side plank pose.  Return to plank, tucking your knees into your hands, back out to normal plank, and then a side plank facing the other side. 

I may use this routine for my first class next week, I will let you all know what they think! 


  1. Their routine was killer! 60 seconds of jump tuck burpees was insane, and may become my new punishment for naughty behavior in my class full of sporty boys...

    1. that and the 1 minute of mountain climbers! KILLER! love the idea of making the boys do that- GENIUS!


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