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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tabata Thursday: 30 minute Workout 1

Hey friends

I am teaching my first tabata class in a few weeks and will be sharing my workouts and planning here for you all to use as well.  
SO- Thursday is now Tabata Thurdays
Oot Oot! 

If you didn't read my last tabata post, here is a recap of what Tabata is:

Tabata is a timing scheme for a high intensity interval workout (HIIT). Traditional HIIT classes I have taken use two exercises back to back, at 30 second intervals, repeated for a total of three intervals. Tabata is a little different as intervals are 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated for a total of 8 intervals. 

Why this crazy combo?

Tabata is said to be a combination of Cross Fit and Circuit Training and was developed by Dr.Izumi Tabata, a Japanese researcher and physician. 

"Tabata training will raise your metabolism and heart rate immediately. Since you are performing these exercises at a very high intensity, your body will have to work much harder to keep it up. This will cause your heart to pump fast and your metabolism to jump, which you want if you are planning on losing fat. Your metabolism will stay at that high not only during the workout, but after the workout as well. This means that your body will be burning fat for hours after".  Information is from this article- for more details click here!

Tabata timing can be applied to any workout, running sprint, cycling sprints, etc. 
Pairing it with these moves will provide an amazing full body workout.  And yes, you are working so hard you can get it all done in 30 minute! 

There are a bunch of apps you can download to get the timing down for you.  
Click here for a free tabata timer online!

~30 Minute Tabata Blast Workout 

What You Need: 
Medium to Heavy Weights
A Bench/Step
(if you don't have the bench just do the exercises without it!) 

Each round is 8 sets of 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest = 4 minutes each round
1 minute rest between rounds 

Warm Up:  3 minutes 
2 rounds of 

30 seconds Air Squats 
30 second Step Run
30 second Bench Push Ups 

(1 minute rest)

Round 1:  Cardio/Squats 
Weighted straddle run 

(Put benches away
during 1 minute rest )

Round 2:  Abs 
Mountain Climbers 
alternate with Traveling Plank 

(1 minute rest)

Round 3:  Upper Body
Upright Row 
Alternate with Bicep Curl 

(1 minute rest)

Round 4:  Cardio/Lower Body
Burpees (First 4 Rounds)
Goblet squats (4 Rounds)   

(1 minute rest)

Round 5:  Abs 

Full Range Sit ups  

Stretch 2 minutes 


Here are some graphics of some of the less popular moves
 in case you are wondering what these silly names mean: 

Straddle run (while holding a weight over head)
Fast pace, bend in the knee- up up down down
Pump your arms, gaze up, light on your feet

Mountain Climbers:
Plank position, straight line down your back, 
bringing in one knee to your chest at a time 
Hold abs tight and keep that straight line. 

Traveling plank: 
Hold a forearm plank
One arm at a time, move up to normal plank, 
and then back down to a forearm plank
Keep your core tight and body straight

Upright row:
Legs shoulder width apart
Dumbbell in each hand, start at thigh height
Bring weights up parallel to ground 
Slow controlled movements (up 2 beats, down 2 beats)
All while squeezing back and shoulder muscles

Burpee (add jump beginning and end)
Arms up jump up,
 jump down to frog position, 
jump your legs back into a plank, 
do a push up (optional),
 jump legs back in to frog position,
arms up jump up

Goblet squat:
Hold weight vertically (or kettle bell handle facing up).  Feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart with toes pointed out.  Deep squat, weight in your heels, tracking elbows to your inner knees.  Rise up keeping weight in your heels, abs tights, head up.

Full sit up: 
Legs in butterfly position. 
Lay down with arms straight
Holding your abs tight, crunch up and touch your toes
Weight optional


  1. I'm so glad you posted the visuals - I honestly was JUST thinking "what the heck is a straddle run - I'm going to have to look that up". Great workout! I can't wait to try this!

    1. Yay! Let me know if you like it! Here is a link for a tabata timer online free   you can also get a bunch of apps right on your phone!


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