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Monday, April 6, 2015

Driving Routes Zion National Park and Weekend Itinerary

Hello world! On our way to Zion National Park! 

Some funny facts: getting our time zones straight....

Weekend itinerary:
Friday:  4+ hours from Salt Lake City to Zion National Park
Hiking all day in Zion and camping in Zion Friday Night

Both routes clock at 308 miles.  
4 h 19 m or 4 h 34 m

Friday morning, we packed up the car around 5:30 am and were out the door by 6 am.  The plan was to head South down I-15 and in Southern Utah cut East and come into the park from the opposite end.  This was a good way to drive a “loop” around Zion instead of heading straight down 15,up the Canyon road, and back the way we came. 

(Take the route not highlighted- coming into Zion from the east and through the tunnel). 
This allowed us to come through the Zion/Mount Carmel Tunnel, drive up and down the National Park Canyon Road, and then out a different way we came.  I think the mileage is pretty similar for both routes and may add a little extra time (worth it!).  We got to Zion around 11:00 am after a stop or two along the route.  It was a gorgeous sunny day in Southern Utah.

Zion backcountry map


Saturday:  Morning in Zion
and head south to Vegas. 

Head to Lake Las Vegas-  
Check in at the Westin.
Spend the day by the pool!
Night in Vegas? 

Sunday:  Hang around Vegas, slowly head back up to Utah
Long run 11 miles somewhere along the way home 


  1. Sounds like an incredible weekend! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. Have fun! Is Olive gonna hang in Vegas too?!
    Fun Fact: I went with the fam to vegas when I was a kid and won a life sized Scooby Doo in the midway. My dad was mad because he had no idea how to get it home. Thankfully the hotel shipped it for us.

  3. i love this! haha - the time zone thing is too funny!



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