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Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekly Recap and Motivational Monday: 4/6 to 4/12

Weekly Recap and Motivational Monday:  4/6 to 4/12 

Monday:         Tabata
Tuesday:         4 mile run
Wednesday:   30 min Tabata
Thursday:       5 mile run
Friday:              OFF 
Saturday:        8 mile run 
Sunday:          1.5 hr spin class 
TOTAL:  17 miles 

This was a good week for me.  Well, actually, it was a bad week.  But a good "running week".  This semester has been so busy and even though I have one less class than last semester, I feel like I am always always always doing work for school.  On top of that, I have started a new job, while coaching Girls On The Run, and nannying, and gearing up to teach fitness class, and still consulting for the enviornmental firm.  I think that puts the total up to four jobs at the moment. 

Because life has been so busy, I committed to getting all of my runs this week in the morning.  I was really happy I got a 4 and a 5 mile run in Tuesday Thursday mornings, which is pretty good mid week mileage for me.   Saturday, I had a riding lesson at noon, and then had to be at work from 4pm to 2am so I was up at 6:45 Saturday morning to get my 8 mile run in.  

This run started off with some really tired legs, but the run got easier as I got past three miles.  It was a great hill workout as I ran up Memory Grove, to the beginning of City Creek Canyon, and then up the Avenues.  I finally feel like I can run the elevation and altitude here.  After my 14 mile run last weekend, I decided to taper down to an 8 mile this weekend in preparation for the Salt Lake City half this weekend.  

My running advice for the week?  You have to make time to exercise.  Especially running.  When the week gets busy, what is the first thing we cut off? The time we spend taking care of ourselves, whether it be running or our favorite yoga class.  If it means waking up an hour early, or going to bed an hour earlier, or running during your lunch break, it is sooooo important to make time to take care of yourself.  And being busy is no excuse.  

Have a great week friends and schedule in those workouts!


  1. Go-go-gadget Katie! Good grief, your life exhausts me just reading about it. I was thinking of you as I was catching up on another favorite blog of mine, and this post just seems like something you might be interested in (although all of her stuff is entertaining or inspiring or just plain hilarious in some form or another) Not sure if you read Dooce - she's the most famous mommy blogger in the world who got fired from her job as a result of her blog many many moons ago - but I've been following her for about 10-ish years and she somewhat recently got into running and does all kinds of running things and she's just really motivational! I highly recommend (if you could possibly find the time for anything else!) giving it a read.

    1. I cant wait to read her blog! I have never heard of her or the blog can't wait to dive in! Thanks!!!!


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