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Friday, February 27, 2015

Instructing and Marathoning

Happy Friday!
We made it!

I am really excited to share some fun "big" news with you all.

  First, I signed up for Instructor Training to teach gym classes here at the U!  I am currently taking Tabata Monday Wednesdays at the U and loving it, so I am really excited for the opportunity to teach!  It was only 75$ for a 6 week course that meets from 4-7 every Sunday.  I will be able to teach classes this summer.  I really want to teach Body Pump or Tabata or some kind of HIIT!

Second.  I signed up for another marathon. 
I know I am as shocked as you are.  I said one and done. BUT.. after months of complaining I didn't have any friends, and wanting to continue running and stay in shape, I have finally made some friends and some of them are runners.  They all meet Tuesday and Thursday mornings to run and I joined their group.  Seeing them all train makes me want to run more, and has me running more and faster than ever.  I am already running with them and KNOW that I need some motivation to run so I figured this would be perfect.  Motivation, Friends, Hot Bod for summer- Check! 

So why Utah Valley Marathon?
Like I said, a few of the girls are running it and running with them is putting me in the best shape! It is also fun to have a group of running friends out here, and we already have a hotel booked for a fun lady race!

This race is rated as one of the best marathons for 2014 by Runner's World Magazine. It is only 45 minutes away and only $100 to enter. 

I have a training schedule I made/altered that I will share with you all but basically my plan is: less is more for me- I run 4 times a week and that's it.  My rest days are usually active rest days where I cross train with tabatta weights skiing or hiking.   

I basically run Tuesday Thursday am 4 miles, Friday trail run 4-5 miles Monday Wednesday Tabatta class, and Saturday off or ski, Sunday long run 


  1. That's awesome you're running another marathon. I'm on the less is more plan over here too. Running my 3rd marathon in May, but hoping you can tell me the brand hydration pack you sometimes run with & experience good or bad with it, chaffing (my main concern) or how it fits. I've tried a few, but just haven't found one I like.

    P.S. Originally found your blog just before I ran my first Ragnar, looking for tips/tricks, but have stuck around since!


    1. Jess!

      Less is more plan is the best- less injury more time for real life. Glad you are on the team too! Congrats on running your third marathon that is amazing- which race?

      As far as the camelbak goes- I love it- I have no idea how people run with those water bottles around their waist.... I use the "CamelBak Adult HydroBak 50 oz. Hydration Pack". It is a little smaller (I have run out of water a few times) but the small size is why I chose it. It is not bulky and I often forget it is there! A good tip is once you fill it with water, seal it up, turn it upside down, and "suck all of the air" out of the pouch- by doing this you won't here a sloshing sound your entire run.

      I also like the little pocket at the bottom for chapstick- Another fun tip is I will store granola bars or treats right in the pouch next to the bladder. For my marathon I had stashed a few Gel Bloks right in the pouch.

      I have never had a chafing issue everrrr with it which is really nice! (my chafing nightmares are usually confined to the waist down- chub rub for the win). I really love this pak and bought it after it was recomended to me from a friend.. I hope you like it too! Here is a link to the same model different color sold at Dicks.

      I am really glad you asked about my hydration pack I will have to write a review on it so I can share this with other people thank you!

      And lastly----thank you so much for continuing to read this whacky blog! This blog definitely has an identity crisis. It is called Running A Ragnar and I haven't run a Ragnar in ... years? I have struggled with "should I change the name?" but the "identity" has been built over the past few years and I think it is going to stay! I hope people still use my tips and tricks page and others enjoy reading the day to day ramblings and running advice.

      THANK YOU!!!

    2. Thanks for the link! I plan to see if the store near me has them in stock to try on. I cannot make it through a run without snacks of some sort, and not having to stuff them in my weird little shorts pocket would be wonderful. Haha.

      I'm running the Pittsburgh Marathon. The hills are a real bitch, but the cheerleaders are great as we pass through so many different neighborhoods.

      Nope, don't change the name, just run another Ragnar! A teammate of mine from my first Ragnar said FANTASTIC things about Ragnar Zion, and I would think that's close-ish to where you're living now?

      Love that you're a real person, with real paces, that sometimes struggles, ie: not wanting to run. Been there, done that. Haha.

  2. Woohoo! Good for you! I'm glad you found running friends out there. I hope we can get the neon crew back together someday... Or me and Vanessa anyway. I think Chelsea lives too far now. If only some of this ice would disappear!
    I can't wait to follow your training. I need the motivation to get ready for my half! (SO. UN. FIT.) You're gonna do great!!!

    1. Where is Chelsea? Branford? I miss running with you girls and pepper! Missing Chester! Spring will be there soon and you ladies can run :)

      What half!!! so fun!!

    2. I'm not actually sure where Chelsea is these days! I've been a recluse. We're getting 4-8 inches of snow tomorrow... I'm so SO glad I got that treadmill!
      I'm signed up for the Outrun 38 Half in Branford on May 31st. I'm toying with the idea of doing the Middletown half this year. But it will be another one I'm undertrained for... So we'll see. But by the looks of things, I won't be riding, so might as well get running!

  3. I am trying to do the less is more plan too (cause I am prone to injury). I'm only going to be running 3 days a week with 2 days of cross train. I would have loved to do Utah Valley, but I have never run a marathon before and figured I might injure myself more if I tried for that one. Instead I am doing the Huntsville marathon in September. It will be my first and I'm scared/excited for it! :)

    Running With Infertility

    1. Tedi, congratgs on signing up for your first marathon! It's such a scary and exciting moment when you get that confirmation screen! You are going to do wonderful!

      I haven't heard of the Huntsville but I am going to look it up now! I checked out your blog- where in Utah are you! Always looking for new running friends in the area! Can't wait to read about your marathon adventures!

  4. this is awesome! CONGRATS!



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