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Monday, February 16, 2015

Running Recap : 2/9 to 2/15

Happy Monday!  

I had a good "running week" last week so I thought I would share for some motivation/encouragement for you all (and for me!)

Monday: Tabatta

Tuesday:  5 morning miles around the city before class

Wednesday:  OFF

Thursday:  3 miles during lunch

Friday:  4 miles trail running on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Saturday: OFF

Sunday:  8 miles on the Jordan River Parkway 

TOTAL:  20 miles

It felt really good to get some consistent running under my belt, and felt good to get out of my 3 mile comfort zone.  It was also nice to remind myself I can run some distance.  I have not run anything longer than 6 since my marathon, nearly a year ago.  I have run 6 miles a few times but that was weeks ago.  I was also happy with my time, and consistency in my splits! 

Cheers to a new week, a fresh slate, and another week to run all the miles!

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