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Monday, December 15, 2014

Six mile Snowy Sunday

It was a crazy weekend here in Salt Lake City. 
 And by crazy I mean I barely left the apartment and spent my weekend with this book. 

By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, we were all a little stir crazy and the dog was less than please with my decision to stay behind my desk all week.  

The snow was falling, the weather was mid 30's, so we bundled up and went for a 6 mile run up into City Creek Canyon and then back home.  

I am starting to embrace the hill work and starting to work on getting my pace back to sea level levels.  

After my run, we decided to undo all that hard work with a few drinks and a late lunch at Gracie's.  

With the snow falling and the beginning of what finally felt like winter.... a boozy coffee and nachos just felt like the right thing to do.

A mountain of nachos.   

Next Sunday I will be landing in New York City and spending a lovely 9 days back home! Just this massive law final and term paper standing in my way ;) 


  1. I ran 6 Saturday and 4 on Sunday. I like running when it is cold. I hope the studying will serve you well.

    1. I enjoy the cold running as well! Congrats on a 10 mile weekend impressive!

  2. I want all of that in my belly right now! Nice work on your mountainous running! I've been slacking and haven't run since T-day... Soon though. It has to happen.
    Hope I get to see you while you're home!

    1. yes definitely! We will eat date pudding! I think Olive has a bark box there too?

    2. She does! And you forgot some DVD's too.

  3. Great job on your 6 miles! Boozy coffee sounds SO good right now. Have a great time in NYC!!


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