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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Post Holiday: Move!

 After all that eating.. I was really excited to get moving on Thanksgiving weekend.  Thatcher and I had an early Christmas and went and picked out some bikes at Fezzari in Lindon, Utah.  

I went riding while Thatcher tested out his new bike.  After trail riding the horses in the mountains, we went for a bike ride with Olive on a really awesome paved flat trail that winds through the town.  Perfect for running, biking, and walking!  

 Saturday, we decided to take the bikes into the mountains.  My bike is sort of a hybrid that can be used for biking to school but can still have fun on the trails (front shocks).  

Shortly into our ride, we realized a) biking is a lot harder than it looks up here and b) we had flat tires from the thorns.  After we loaded the bikes and got home, we went out to get some new tire tubes and see the lights around the city.  

The skating rink at Gallivan was up and lit up, as well as Temple Square. 
Sunday we decided to go skiing at Brighton.  It was warm in the city and snowing in the mountains.  While the whole mountain wasn't open, we had a blast. 

I hope you all got to get out there and move after the holiday!  Stay tuned for a post on what to do with any leftovers in the future, and a recap on running! 

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