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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Leftover Land

It is December 3rd and I am still eating turkey.  
Like eating "turkey eggs" as I type this.
 On that note... how long is turkey even good for?  Anyways...

Thatcher picked out an 11 lb turkey for... 2 people.  So we had a lot of leftovers.  Like- 90% of that turkey. I hate wasting food, and this turkey came out so so good.  You should all make a herby turkey next time you put that bird in the oven. 

Thought I would share some of the things I did with my leftovers this Holiday season.  Because let's admit it, our waistlines are aware that Christmas is right around the corner and between all the holiday parties and feasts, there is going to be a lot of leftovers kicking around.  

First off, I did the unsightly job of pulling all the meat off the turkey (it was gross).  Then, I used the carcass to make a stock for the typical post-Thanksgiving turkey soup.  

Next up, was the typical turkey sandwich.  I used the leftover turkey breast and no thanksgiving sandwich is complete without cranberry mayo.  I also used Eva's sprouted wheat bread and some bacon and was one happy camper. 

After several turkey sandwiches, and a few bowls of soup, I had a few breakfasts consisting of "turkey eggs".  Sounds weird.. but quite good!  No pictures but just toss the smaller bits of turkey in a pan with some veggie and eggs.   Turkey hash would also be so good!

Next, I noticed the mashed potatoes and stuffing in the fridge needed to get used up.  So I whipped up some turkey pot pie.  This was a perfect way to get rid of most of the sides, and create something super delicious (you use the stuffing to make the crust, and leftover mash for the top crust- inside is turkey and veggies).  Stuffing crust is GENIUS (and tasty).

Last but not least... it was fall turkey salad.  Leftover greens from thanskgiving, leftover cranberries and pecans, and the leftover feta.  All in a bowl with the leftover apple cider vinagrette I made. 

What did you do with your leftover turkey?
Next time I have to try some classic Turkey Tetrazinni 


  1. I love everything you did with leftover turkey! Everything looks seriously deelish. I had T-giving at my inlaws, so no extra turkey for me. I do love it though, and don't mind eating it for days!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Mark! I didnt want to have "thanksgiving" 6 days in a row (and I hate wasting) so found some other ways to use it, some healthy too :)


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