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Friday, December 5, 2014

Meet up and New U Fitness Center

Well, I finally did it.  I joined my first "Meet Up".  I figured joining a running meet up will have a few benefits:  I would be able to meet new people, make some more friends from the area, and find some motivation to run.

I chose the Wednesday night meetup at 7pm at Liberty Park.  I chose this run for my first official initiation into the group because I knew the area was flat, and the run would be around the "track" on the park.  This meant that if everyone was super fast... I wouldn't be lost in the streets of Salt Lake City and could catch up on the track.  

Everyone was really really really nice.  Oh... and really really really in shape.  There were a few 20 somethings, but I would say the majority of the group was 30-50.  Everyone was really welcoming and friendly and we got to chatting.  I discovered most of the group consists of marathoners.  And not just marathoners... Boston Qualifiers.  


I lost the majority of the group in the first.. I dont know.. 5 seconds.  One runner stuck behind with me.  Her name was Jess and she had moved to Utah about the same time I did.  It was really nice to have company and while chatting, I discovered she was also a boston qualifier and I immediately felt bad she was running at a 9:15 pace with me.

I ran about 4.5 miles and everyone met up in the parking lot after our run to chat... a nice little touch!   This city is the mecca of the physical  and fit.  They don't just run marathons here... they run trail marathons, and ultras.  I was really suprrised that I did not find more runners more at "my pace".  I mean I don't run THAT slow!

I was chatting with one gentleman and was telling him my struggles of running at altitude (sea level runner here) and running with ALL THESE HILLS.  I told him that usually I bike to school.  Well, I bike to the last station before the hill and ride the train up the big hill.  I thought this was hysterical and appropriate.  He was slightly mortified.

Guess I will keep those slacker details to myself!

On the plus side.... they all inspired me to focus on my speed, and work on some speed work so I can "run with the big kids".  The new student center/gym opens up in 30 days so if that isn't inspiration... I don't know what is!

Indoor track, 50 meter pool, indoor and outdoor pools, 4 story climbing wall and 15,000 square foot fitness center... All included in my tuition!

No excuses now! 

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  1. It is nice you have a club you can join for running. I hope it goes well for you. The town I live in is pretty small with no running clubs at all. I run by myself and hardly ever see another runner.


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