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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Skiing Snowbird - Thatcher turns 30

Sunday was Thatcher's 30th birthday.  We had planned a day of skiing at Snowbird to ring in 30 and have a relaxing and fun day on the mountain.  It was forecasted to rain in the city so we knew this meant snow in the mountains.  

Only problem was, it was really overcast, foggy, and snowy in the mountains.  Snow is good.  Fog is rough.  But we decided to enjoy the day and take it easy despite the conditions.  

The sun came out for about.. 10 minutes.  Long enough to take this picture.  

About 20 minutes later it was snowing again.  And then it was graupeling ( a new term to me )  It is a mix between snow and hail, something I have never seen before, it looked and felt like hail, but it was not ice and it smooshed into snow after you touched it.    While it was pretty painful to ski in, it did result in fresh snow.  And some great skiing conditions. 

After a day of skiing, we headed back down to the city.  The drive up and down is only about 30 minutes each way and it is a beautiful drive.  It is amazing how you can be in a beautiful city, get in your car and drive 30 minutes and be on a ski mountain.   I made Thatcher pull over to snap some photos at least 10 times.  

After a day of skiing, we were both graving something carby and hearty.  Thatcher is an easy guy to please, and for his birthday dinner, he wanted Charlie Chow's, the dragon/mongolian grill by his house.  Noodles and beer and he was a happy guy.  And the cheapest birthday dinner ever ;)

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