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Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Marathon Monday!

You can't write a running blog
 and not celebrate Marathon Monday.

Good luck to all the runners out there!  What an amazing year for everyone running, and watching, and helping today.  I am wearing my Boston Strong shirt I bought last year to help out the One Fund and will be there in spirit.  My marathon is in 12 days so I think it's fair to say I understand (on a slower slacker level) what it's like to spend so much time training (through a really tough winter), so many runs, so many hours, so many ice baths, all for one run. 

I wanted to share this little video my friend Max, who is running the Boston Marathon today, put together.  Featuring runners from all over the country, including yours truly on a little run in Utah right in the beginning ;) 

Happy Running and Good Luck Runners!!


  1. That video is AWESOME!!!!! Brought tears to my eyes.......

  2. Bill, I will let him know! it brought tears to my eyes too! He is a Boston resident and it was his first marathon ever, and he fundraised for Hole In The Wall - super inspirational video!


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