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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jet setter

I feel like a jet setter this weekend. Thursday (today) bright and early I am leaving Hartford, Connecticut, flying in to Minnesota,
 a one hour layover and then to Salt Lake City.

In Salt Lake City I am meeting with the University of Utah, talking through some graduate school decisions, and celebrating Thatcher's 30th birthday. 

 After a long weekend there, I am back on a plane - quick layover in Denver, Colorado and then to Columbus, Ohio.  After a work conference in Ohio for Oil and Gas Drilling in the Marcellus Shale (nerdy environmental stuff...) it's on a plane, quick layover in Baltimore and landing in Providence, Rhode Island.  Then it is an hourish ride home.

That is a lot of planes.

I am really excited about the weekend in Utah and the forecast looks... AWESOME!

I love traveling. I really do.  I just HATE leaving my critters behind. 

I did a lot of last minute errands, buying dog and cat foot, new khakis for the conference, packing Olive's overnight bag, and cleaning up the apartment a little.  I am so lucky that Stacie is willing to check in on Abby.
This is why cats are nice.  She can stay at home for the week with her automatic feeder and bowl of water, with a super nice friendly willing to check in and clean the litter box.  Thanks Stacie! 

Well, guys, that's my boarding call...
Lots of trips pictures and updates to come.  Enjoy the day where ever you are :) 


  1. Me and Abbey are likethis! (That's like super close in case you couldn't tell.) She's gonna help me keep an eye on the Riomeister.

    1. She may or may not be offended that I spell her name wrong regularly.


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