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Monday, April 7, 2014

20 mile run- Marathon Training

Well, this week wasn't the greatest week for midweek mileage.  

Monday:  Body Pump
Tuesday:  Riding and off
Wednesday:  3 mile run
Thursday:  Riding and off
Friday:  3 mile run
Saturday:  riding and home sesh- weights, arms, squats, pushups 
Sunday:  20 miler

Well not great but hey I squeezed in two bitty runs mid week.. 
Better than nothing!
I should write a book "Marathon training for complete slackers"

On a sadder note, my groupons also expired and there aren't any more so I need to say buh bye to body pump or suck it up and buy a membership.
First world problems...

So, back to that 20 miler I ran this weekend
(feels weird to even type that)

Breakfast was:
2 eggs scrambled with a little bit of ham and chives
With an onion bagel, cream cheese, and chives.
With the cat leering at me. 
And a large glass of water.

No more pre long run coffee....
it results in me having to pee every 2 miles ---not fun. 

I did some planning at home and decided to do a 10 mile loop and then finish the last 10 miles at the track.  

Well the dog wasn't tired after ten, so instead I did a 10 mile loop, three miles at the track while Olive hung out and drank water, four mile out and back by the water with Olive, and then 3 more miles at the track while Olive napped in the sun.

Olive ran 14 miles with me while I ran the full 20.  

It was nice to keep changing up the scenery and terrain. 
Makes the mental challenge of running a little easier.
I also finished the Goldfinch by Donna Tartt on Audio Book (highly recommend) and decided to start a new audio book to entertain me during the 20 miler.  I decided on Brain On Fire (my month of madness) by Susannah Cahalan.  Loving audiobooks while running lately, makes me think about the book and less about running. 

I snapped a few pictures along the way.  Does anyone else snap photos or send out an occasional text during their long run?  Running gets boring... need to change it up somehow.  

I ran down to the CT Department of Environmental Protection and ran down the boardwalk.  It was a gorgeous day.  Figured some fresh salty air at mile 15 would help.  Certainly couldn't hurt. 

Just a guy who owns a lovely piece of waterfront property, two fake Clydesdale horses in his yard, and his own helicopter. NBD.

Beautiful house on Ferry Road.  Former Nut Museum of Old Lyme. 
Such a goofy little shore town. 

I ran 6 of my 20 miles on the track.  It sort of served as my "home base"  I started and ended here and had food and water for Olive and I here.  She hung out in the sun with water while I ran my 6 miles on the track. She could have easily ran the whole 20 but I didn't want her too.  I also wanted her to have long water and rest breaks. 

Have you ever met a more spoiled dog?

I stuck with my 1.5 miles of running 1.5 minute walk- keeping my watch going the entire time.  This schedule seems to be working pretty well for me still and still has a faster time than my straight running efforts.

As you can see from my splits, miles 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 felt TOUGH.  I was tired and I wanted to quit but knew there was no way in hell I was giving up.

 I had to go ride in the morning, and didn't get out until 11:30, so I was out running on tired legs from riding, and without lunch.  I think starting earlier in the morning would have helped the fatigue and lunch time hunger.

I carried my camelbak with water and 2 nuun tabs.
I ate 1 banana at mile 10 and 1 mint chocolate GU at mile 15.
Not a huge fan of a lot of fueling mid run.
BUT, I was so hungry I was chewing on the GU pretending it was food-
Sad fact.....

SO then I started day dreaming of food-  I was thinking about the delicious lunch I would eat after.  All the sudden I had a craving for my favorite salad right down the road.  This asian chicken salad.  
Then I yelled at myself.

WTF Katie you are running 20 miles. 
You are not eating a salad after.. DO BETTER.

So then I decided I wanted a turkey club sandwich, which then morphed into a chicken club sandwich with fries. 
 Lots of time to debate the endless possibilities. 
About 2 minutes after my garmin said 20 miles I was calling in a to go order.

It was unbelievably tasty (and huge) I ate it so fast I can barely remember it.
I ate it so fast that I felt a little sick after it. 

That just meant more time to relax with Olive on the couch and celebrate our run with full stomachs. 

She was surprisingly tired after that run.  
Tiring out the dog is mostly the reason why I run.
Mission Accomplished. 

The rest of the day was spent with gatorade, 
compression socks, ice packs, and a couch. 

20 miles DONE!  My longest long run done until the race!
Feels so good to be (mostly) done with training.
AND NO INJURIES (knocked on my desk..)

Now to start a taper :) 


  1. First: AWESOME JOB! You're my running hero of the week
    Second: I want to eat all the food! (Minus the running)
    Third: Fun Fact! Those Clydesdales, I'm pretty sure are the ones that use to live at the Budweiser facility on I-95 that is now Bob's Discount Furniture. And to bring that full circle, the lady from the Bob's commercials was the MC at our spelling bee on Friday :)

    1. food was delicious and thanks!!!! fun fact indeed! hope you had fun at the bee!

  2. Love the pictures of my street! Was my crazy dad out there landscaping?

    1. I love that street :) Worked at the DEP, Thatcher lives on it, it is so quaint! I did not see your dad out landscaping! slacking this weekend ;)

  3. your weekends also look so fun...and delicious! Xo


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