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Monday, April 21, 2014

Saturday in Utah- Living Room Rocks Hike and Great Food

Sorry for the lack of posts this week/weekend.  After getting back from Ohio I suffered through the weekend with a sore throat, stuffy nose, headaches, body aches, and a lot of nyquil and advil.  Before we talk running (or lack there-of due to being sick), I wanted to finish up my trip recap. 

Because the weekend was truly the highlight of the trip.

Saturday morning,  I decided to make some poached eggs with a super lemony/less buttery hollandaise.  
On some fresh toast with some rosemary-  Amazing way to start any day.

After breakfast, we headed back to the University of Utah to stop in the bookstore for some Utah stuff, and then go hiking at the mountain/hiking area behind the University.

The weather was gorgeous, mid 70s, sunny, and simply beautiful.  I was so excited to wear  shorts again.  We were so lucky to have such a fantastic day to hike.  We started up a trail, in hopes to find the peak where the "living room rocks" are that Thatcher had heard about. 

After a steep hike, lots of incline and a high altitude I am NOT used to, we reached the peak and living room rocks.  There are a bunch of rocks scattered around that are assembled to look like furniture:  tables, sofas, and seats- even with armrests.  Really cute area with a beautiful view of the school and the city.  We ate lunch that we brought and enjoyed a beer with a view.  

Utah is so beautiful.  I have never heard anything about Utah, and never thought twice about it.  I regarded it as one of those "crazy land locked states" I could never live in.

But let me tell you, those mountain make up for the lack of oceans.
And that is coming from a marine science major....
Who loves fish and scuba diving...
(apparently there is a huge scuba crowd out there.. will explain later)

After our hike, we came back, showered, and got dressed to go have a delicious dinner at a place Thatcher could not stop talking about.  It was a sushi place called Takashi, and considering the fact that I could eat sushi three meals a day, every day, I was pumped.  I wore a new aqua skirt from H&M, a white top (not the best option but needed something to go with this in my limited suitcase), and new navy blue heels. 

Spring outfit, spring colors, and a beautiful sunny day. 
The grass was green, flowers everywhere, trees in full bloom, just another fantastic day in Utah.  Connecticut is still brown and cold but Utah is right on point with spring. 

Takashi always has a long wait, and does not take reservations, so we put our name in and grabbed a martini (or two) at the martini bar next door.  Espresso martini for the reboot I needed after the long hike and the time change. 

Finally we sat down at Takashi.  We sat at the sushi bar and ordered a pork belly appetizer (to die for), a few sushi rolls, and some uni (sea urchin) for dessert :)
Paired with hot sake with a splash of plum wine, and it was a fantastic and delicious meal. 

After Takashi, Thatcher wanted to check out the new downtown place called Beer Bar that he kept referring to as the MOFY Bar (apparently it is owned by the character who plays Phil from Modern Family).  It is a german style place with a menu of sausages, sauces, and fries, TONS of beer, and beer cocktails.

I ordered the "Dark and Stoutly" 
 (A dark and stormy with stout beer instead of ginger beer)
And was pleasantly surprised as how delicious this concoction was.
Need to bring this back to the east coast with me....

Next door is Bar X (they are connected through a door inside) where they make more fabulous and fresh mixed drinks.

We were too full for food, so we vowed to go back another time to try out their german style sausages we have heard so much about (and we did Monday).
 Another fantastic day in Salt Lake City.

Utah, you impress me more and more each day with your beautiful views, clean city, friendly people, and amazing restaurants :)


  1. loveeee seeing you in SLC! the living room is a fun hike and i feel you on the altitude change...struggles! Xo

    1. Love being in SLC! I still have so much good food to eat there... :)


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