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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Marathon Training -Schedule and What I learned

Hey guys- Before I get started-- head on over to Sara's blog Loving On The Run to check out my Blogger Feature on her blog!!  Sara is the super cute super sweet runner and blogger who wrote a guest post for me a few weeks ago (Thanks Sara!)  She is also a marathoner and I have really loved reading her blog for tips tricks and inspiration.

Okay- Now.....Four days- FOUR DAYS!  Four days until my first marathon!

People keep asking me if I am nervous, if I think I am ready, and a bunch of other questions.   I wouldn't call it nervous, and I suppose I am ready, I guess above all I am just really.... intimidated.  26.2... that is a lot of miles no matter how much you train.

To calm the pre-marathon nerves I decided to go over my training schedule to remind myself I am ready.  Note:  I kind of did a more "non-traditional" marathon training schedule.  After my first attempt at training, and a few injuries, I really learned A LOT about what works for my body.  So I guess let's back track and share the 10 rules/things I learned that helped "shape" my training schedule.

I learned:
 1.  3 days of running is the perfect amount for my body-- anything more than this and shin splints and injuries start to rear their ugly head.  
2.  Cross training is key for those non running days to help prevent injury and keep "morale" high
3.  Strength training will help strengthen my "weak areas" and help me with running and horseback riding (hello upper body strength I never had)
4.  Integrating yoga with my long run (day before) REALLY helped, especially with random foot pains and cramps
5.  How to properly fuel during my runs (don't over fuel") and while other people really rely on Gu's and supplements, I sort of learned that less is more for me.
6.  Always carry water on any distance over 8 miles-  hydration makes or breaks a run.
7. The importance of stretching before and AFTER each run- especially on that tendinitis ankle. 
8.  ice ice baby -  Ice baths after a long run REALLY helped with recovery.  And icing that tendinitis ankle made sure that injury stayed away.
9.  Track my mileage (I use daily mile) -  It is such a confidence booster to see my mileage increase every week.  The first time I hit 100, then 200, and 300 for the year with my marathon.  Also a great way to track when it is time to change out your kicks. 
10.  Buy TWO pairs of your favorite sneakers.  That way when you wear out your first pair, the second are there and waiting, no need to procrastinate about hitting the shoe store and spending more $$$.

NOTE:  I ran 3 days a week- sometimes two if I was having some soreness or I was sick.  BUT I did supplement my running with:  Hiking, walking, body pump, yoga, and horse back riding :)

Through the month of December I did a few 3 mile runs during the week and a 6 mile run every Friday throughout the entire month.  First week of January I started this "marathon training schedule" and these are the miles I ran ( 2 shorts during the week, long on a Friday or the weekend).  My runs varied from the track, the state forest, speed work, hill work, and a few treadmill runs.

Week 1:       3, 3, 7
Week 2:       2, 3, 8
Week 3:       4, 3, 9
Week 4:       3, 3, 10
Week 5:       5, 3, 6
Week 6:       5, 3, 12
Week 7:       3, 3, 5, 13
Week 8:       3, 5, 14
Week 9:       3, 3, 15
Week 10:     3, 5, 16
Week 11:     5, 4, ?   
Week 12:     3, 3, 18    
Week 13:     3, 3, 20   
Week 14:     3, 13       
Week 15:     3, 3, SICK
Week 16:     3, 10       
Week 17:     3, 4, RACE 26.2     (Marathon will bring me over 300 miles for the year!)

Compared to A LOT of runners- this is the complete slacker plan on running a marathon-  Minimal mileage, minimal days running, minimal effort.  BUT I know what works for my body, and what works for my schedule.  My goal was to run a marathon, not win one, and I was not willing to sign my life over to marathon training.  I missed a few runs, BUT the most important thing?  I did the distance, I got to my 20 miler, and came back on the other side INJURY FREE!

So yes-  I am ready-  I am prepared- I am trained-  and I am soooo excited ;) 


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