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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Motivational Wednesday (because I had other stuff on my mind Monday)

There are a lot of changes going on over here at Running A Ragnar.  Well let's be real, Running A Ragnar is just a little spot on the interweb where I can talk about myself without everyone on facebook hating me.  So- let me re-phrase:  There are a lot of changes going on in the life of Katie no middle name Arruda  (yes- I am one of four siblings and the only one without a middle name).  


So far, 2014 has been insane. 
 Like non stop chaos. 

 I helped Thatcher pack up his life and move across the country.   I have been adjusting to life living alone without Thatcher's companionship (good word?) and help with the dog.  I applied to grad schools (this is like a full time job in itself- truth).  I have been out to Salt Lake City, twice.  I went out to Ohio for a work trip.  I started taking body pump classes, and even got into hot yoga.  Once the weather warmed up I started things back up in the barn getting "my" horse fit for the upcoming show season.  All while living alone in Chester, attempting to take care of myself and the critters.  Oh, and did I mention I spent January-April training for a marathon?


2014 has been a whirlwind, but in the best ways possible.  

So-  In a few days, I am going to be a marathoner (crazy, right?)  In a few more days, I am going to be moving out of my adorable little apartment in Chester, and back home with my folks for a few months (I can't comprehend the reality of this fact either..).  In a few more days I am packing up the ponies for an long weekend in Saratoga for a horse show, and then in a few more days after that, the "New Normal" of being 26 and living with your parents will set in.  Sigh.  I have also been accepted into two graduate school programs for Environmental Science (one near, and one far- and the reason for moving home and saving money).   I have also shed some of that "winter weight" thanks to some better eating habits, marathon training, body pump, and occasional yoga, and I am feeling soooo much happier in my own skin.  

I guess what I am trying to say, is I woke up this morning feeling awesome.  Like, ready to kick some ass take on the world invincible (side note: it does help that I was in bed by 9:30- amazing what sleep does for the soul).   I even woke up BEFORE my alarm, admired the "skinny look and feeling" in the mirror that you get after a night of not eating in gluttony and drinking wine, and felt motivated to do a little morning workout --something that I can NEVER motivate myself to do.   I took some of my favorite moves from body pump (a one hour class) and did a 30 minute workout while watching the news this morning.  Will share some of those moves in a post with you later.

I guess what I am trying to say there have been so many changes- but all ultimately for the better.  I feel like after this marathon and the move home, another chapter is starting up and I am so excited to see what it brings.  

Oh, and let us not forget the important stuff.  I got my bib number assignment this morning.

Oh, its really real now. Bib 1057 representing. 


  1. such a happy post! you work hard, and you deserve all this happiness! :)

  2. No middle name?! (Seriously that's what I took away from your post. But I think it's cause I knew all the other stuff)

  3. haha the rest is just ramblings anyway ;) But yeah--- no middle name... only one in my family. They were going to make me Katie Lynn Arruda and then combined it for katelyn arruda and must of had writers block.....


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