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Friday, November 8, 2013

No Excuses - 3 wet and cold miles.

I love to make excuses.

And boy am I good at it. 

It's hot, it's cold, I'm hungry, I'm tired my foot hurts, I had a long day.   On and on and on.  Today it was  "its wet and cold and raining-  FREE PASS".  

I was going to let a little (well, a lot) of precipitation throw off my schedule and excuse me from running. As soon as I had committed (committed to bailing on my run) I saw a pack of runners go by.  My high school track coach and former team mate included in this pack of dedicated runners . .  They were out there in the pouring rain, in a little group, pounding pavement.  No excuses. They looked cold and wet- but no excuses they were out there.   So started the motivation train. 

I saw this group in the rain and laced up my sneakers.  I went out for my run hoping I would have the same effect on someone else, seeing me out there with my dog, in the rain, in the cold, in the wind, logging miles. 


First mile I set off quick, second mile I recovered, and third mile I found some hills for an overall average of 8:31 pace.  Not too shabby.  Getting out there is never easy, but it felt good to jump into a hot shower and make some dinner.
Motivation deserves a celebration.
It's going to be a pizza night baby.

They say you aren't a dog, and to not reward yourself with food.  But I love my dog, and we think alike.  Food is very motivating for Olive and Katie's alike.  A runners high and a mushroom bacon spinach onion pizza is worth some soggy newtons.  Any day of the week. 

Stop making excuses and get out there and run-  You will thank me later. 


  1. Vanessa and I both woke up a little late for our 6:30 run today. We ALMOST bailed. But I checked which said it was 39 degrees. That's the warmest it will be for awhile I bet. So I texted and said let's go at 7. Proud of us for going! Not as speedy as you, but we averaged 9:34. Not bad for a chilly morning!

  2. that pizza looks REALLY good right now! YUM


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