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Monday, November 11, 2013

Martha's Basic Pancake Recipe

Pancakes are for (breakfast) lovers.  
And weekends. On this snowy November Tuesday morning i am dreaming of fluffy pancakes a big breakfast and my cozy bed.  

Sunday mornings I crave big homey breakfasts.  French toast, eggs benedict, home fries, and pancakes.  This weekend I wanted to make some traditional delectable pancakes.  No bisquick, no mix, just a simple recipe from Mrs. Stewart.  (Fairly sure she is still married and yes I looked it up).  

You already have all of the ingredients, I am sure of it. 
And the recipe is easy.
Easy as Sunday morning. 

Hardest part is deciding what toppings to use.  
Nothing says Sunday like banana pancakes in my books
Half a banana, chocolate chips, and walnuts.
Chunky Monkey of the pancake world.
If you don't know what chunky monkey is we can't be friends.
It's just the best Ben and Jerry's ice cream of all time. 

Directions are simple
Combine wet ingredients in one bowl
Combine the dry ingredients in a separate bowl
Mix wet and dry together and do not over mix
Add a little bit of butter to a pan over medium heat
Pour batter, add toppings, and flip once the batter begins to bubble

Pretty little hot cakes.
This recipe made 5 big pancakes and reheated well for breakfast the next day.  
Pair with a hot cup of joe (Dunkin Donuts hazelnut) and you are ready to start your Sunday.  

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