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Monday, November 11, 2013

A kick ass week

It is Monday and I am patting myself on the back for a kick ass week in the running department.

Saturday:  8 Miles with Jill and Olive  9:58 average
Tuesday:  5 miles with Jill and Olive   ? average
Thursday: 3 miles in the rain with Olive 8:30 average
Saturday:  8.25 miles (4 with Olive)  9:35 average

I stuck to all of my scheduled runs, rain or shine, cold or warm, and increased my time throughout the week.  Saturdays 8 mile was much faster than the last 8 miler, and much hillier.  Feels so good to see some change.

Saturday's 8.25 felt great.  And to be honest, I meant to make it a 10 mile run, but ran out of time before my riding lesson. 

 First world problems..... 

  Before my run I made my favorite pre-long-run breakfast.

An english muffin with peanut butter, nutella and bananas with a yogurt on the side. 
 I also made an All Pro Science Protein shake to enjoy after my run.  

Breakfast and dessert all in one... no complaints here. 

Oh and a coffee.  Pre long run early morning coffees are essential.  
You runners all know what I am talking about...

Once breakfast was done, I had to figure out what to wear.  It was in the 30s, windy, and really cold at 9 when I went out for my run.  I decided on Moving Comfort capris, long sleeve tech shirt, some obnoxiously large non running sunglasses, and decided it was time to break out my LuLu Lemon reflective winter running coat (best gift I have ever received  - the prices are a little steep but once you run in some quality gear you realize it is worth every penny- especially if someone else bought it).  I also threw on my camel back with water and two Nuun Tabs, turned on my Garmin, and put my audio book on- Sarah's Key by Tatiana De Rosney (great book about the Haulocaust and roundup in France).  

Olive and I set out for an 8 mile loop around town.  Most of the route had sidewalks or atleast a large side of the road area to run on.  Olive had her reflective vest on and I had my reflective coat on and we always run against traffic.  Safety first!

I planned my route so I could drop Olive off at Thatcher's house around mile 4.5 and did the last four alone. 
It was also nice to have a bathroom stop and a few kleenex.  Please note my poor torn pocket- Last year Olive decided to eat through my pocket to get the Gu in there.  Thanks Olive....

At around mile six I was feeling a little sluggish so I pulled out one of my stridebox goodies:  Stinger Chocolate waffle.  It was pretty tasty ( a little dry so I was glad I had water ) but it really gave me an energy boost.  I cranked through the last two miles no problem.  

I felt good, and could have done the whole ten, but I had an 11 o clock riding lesson I could not be late for.  8.25 will just have to do for now.  9:35 pace and the last few miles were super hilly on Sill Lane, I will take it. 


After a wonderful riding lesson with Bradley, I went home for a quick lunch.  
Turkey sandwich with a side of triscuits and hummus.  And lots of water.  

After my run I took a shower, and headed to the spa.  I  had an old gift card to use up, and an achey body from work, so I made a reservation for a 5:30 massage where I lost my professional massage virginity.  50 minute sweedish massage and it was heaven.  I really wished she dug into my back a little harder.  She agreed my muscles were really tight and non responsive (?)  but I will admit I would have been content with a 50 minute foot rub for these tired feet- indeed my favorite part.

  Next time I go back I am definitely going to go for the deep tissue massage.  

Did everyone meet their running goals last week?
And anyone ever had a deep tissue massage?
  I heard it can be quite painful?

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