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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mino running shoe mile tracker

After my trial of "run every day last week", I thought I would share the results.

Monday:  5
Tuesday:  3
Wednesday:  3
Thursday:  2.5
Friday:   3 
Saturday:  Shin Splints
Sunday:  Shin Splints

Okay, so maybe running every day doesn't agree with me.  Maybe this plan doesn't fit all that well with these shins and my running "needs".  Maybe I need to rethink this a little bit.  I was a little worried that something like running every day might bring on a former injury such as shinsplints or tendinitis, but that is why I kept my mileage low all week.  

Saturday I helped my sister move and I think all of those trips up and down her stairs only made the matters worse.  Saturday night I felt the familiar stabbing sensation in my shins and grabbed some ice and advil.  I took Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off of running in an attempt to not make matters worse. 

Maybe my new goal will be to do something active every day, with a set number of running days a week.  I was thinking run 4-5 days a week but do something active every day, which is easy for me.  Walk the dog, ride the horses, something active every day that will give the shins a break and serve as cross training.

But the biggest reason for my shin splints?  I purchased my shoes in April and I am quite positive I have reached their max.  I bought a pair of inserts that alert me when the life span of a shoe is over, problem is I have to wait to buy a new pair to use them.  It is called the Mino.

If you are a runner, this will be the best $15 you ever spend.  

mino web 1

Instructions from their website  Click here to visit their site and buy yours
  1. Insert the mino™ into a NEW SHOE under the sock liner
  2. Run…keep running…the mino is tracking your shoe’s use
  3. Lift the sock liner once a month or so and check if the RED light is lit
  4. If the RED light is lit, time for new shoes

It is that easy.  And that affordable.  Time for a new pair of kicks and to insert my Mino's! 


  1. i am with you on the shin splints! the worst!!! SO sorry! XOXO

    the well-traveled wife

  2. yeah, i didn't want to be a jerk and rain on your parade... but this is exactly why i can't run more than 2 days in a row. i'm all for doing SOMETHING active everyday though :) in the meantime, break out your compression sleeves and foam roller and stay off it! :)


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