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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baked butternut squash fries

Well, it is officially winter here in Connecticut.  Temperature in the 20s and our first snow yesterday.  - Tuesday evening, I braved the cold (despite my brain trying to convince me to stay inside... maybe even pour a hot toddy) and went out for an easy flat three mile run.  I even pulled out the yoga mat and did some lunges squats sit ups stretches and other mat work. Still chilled from a long day outside and a windy run.

After that all I wanted was something hot and homey.  And then I passed a burger and fry place and fought with myself to keep driving. 

I love french fries.   
They are my favorite food. Well.. potato anything really.  But especially french fries.  I am always looking for new ways to "re invent" the french fry into a healthier version.  I bake them, I use sweet potatoes, I roast carrots.   Today, I found a fry imposter.... a delicious veggie in disguise.

Butternut Squash

I am always looking for a vegetable that can "stand up" to the potato as far as texture and crispyness goes.  Zucchini fries failed me in this category.  I took a butternut squash, de seeded and peeled it, and cut it into big thick strips.

I decided it would be a good idea to make them LOOK like french fries.  Low and behold the crinkle cutter.  This also gave the fries lots of edges to crisp up in the oven. 

After I had cut all of my fries, I tossed them into a bowl with salt, pepper, and a few random seasonings I found in the cupboard.   Spray your foil with non stick cooking spray.  

Cook these beauts at 425 degrees for 20 minutes, flip, and cook for twenty minutes longer.
Serve with ketchup and enjoy! 

They taste just like sweet potato fries.
A delicious way to fool the mind and eat more squash without putting it in a soup :) 

PER SERVING (entire recipe): 204 calories, <1g fat, 258mg sodium, 
53g carbs, 9g fiber, 10g sugars, 4g protein -- PointsPlus® value 0*


  1. I love butternut squash and crinkle cutting them is a really cool idea. I do a ton of baked "fries" with various veggies so great tip :)

    1. They are so good and the crinkle cutter gives more crispy edges :)


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