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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

3 Mile Saturday and 8 Mile Sunday

Saturday morning I woke up feeling motivated and empowered.  It was NYCM weekend.  
If over 40,000 runners can run 26.2 miles, surely I can put some miles down.  I figured Saturday was as good of a day as any to put some miles back under my velt.  I fueled my run with two eggs, spinach, avocado and siracha on whole wheat toast with an almond milk/cinnamon roll protein powder smoothie concoction. Filling, satisfying, and a great way to start the day. 

Olive and I geared up and decided to go for a leisurely 3 mile run by the lake.  Long sleeve tech shirt, shorts, and newtons for me, and a Ruffwear harness and leash for Olive


It was a beautiful warm morning, with weather in the 60s mid day.  My run surpringly felt great, despite a really bad stitch and cramp towards the end.  Probably due to being dehydrated Friday night and red wine. ----Oops.

Saturday night I got a text from my running friend Jill asking if I wanted to go for a run Sunday.  Two days in a row.... whoa Katie.  I said sure and asked her what time. Some of our conversation must have been lost in the text waves because I thought I was agreeing to 8am, she thought I was agreeing to 8 miles.  Whelp.

I wanted a big classic Sunday breakfast.  I went with two eggs on a piece of wheat toast, 1/4 of an avocado, and a home made sweet potato hash (half a sweet potato, onion, garlic, dab of butter).    Satisfying and filling and no tummy troubles during my run.

I haven't run over 3 miles in a few weeks so I was a little worried, but decided to lace up my sneakers, put on my big girl panties, and meet Jill for a flat 8 miles around Old Saybrook.  After all, it was New York City Marathon day... what is 8 miles then lots of folks are running 26.   My faithful running buddy Olive came along.  Donned in her Ruffwear harness and her reflective vest

We had a great leisurely run- no music, just sunshine and catching up.  The first 6 miles flew by and while the last two felt a little harder, I was really amazed at how great the run felt overall.  Flat terrain really helps.   

Few weeks off.... 1:19:47  Average pace 9:58 - beautiful waterfront run. Pretty happy with out splits and our time especially considering taking some time off. 

It felt great to be done with 8 miles by 11 on a chilly Sunday.  I went to Old Lyme, rode Bradley, and made some lunch.  Chicken breast with a side of noodles. 

And for dessert... (yes weekends means dessert after lunch)  Ginger yogurt with fresh berries and cinnamon. 

After lunch it was a warm fall gear and a walk around Old Lyme, and a trip to the book barn. 

I had such a wonderful weekend and it felt great to get back into my running sneakers. 
Some people ease back into running, I guess I just jumped in with both feet. 

Maybe that's the best way to start?    Did you log some miles this weekend?


  1. Get it girl! Totally admire they way you jumped back into it and didn't let yourself get in your head telling you it was too much! Also - those breakfast look amazing...

  2. :) I feel like there should be a disclaimer here about my running craziness too....


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