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Friday, September 18, 2015

Riverside Farm, Pittsfield Vermont

Pittsfield, Vermont 

Drive to Pittsfield

The final destination of our Vermont road trip was Pittsfield, Vermont.  Our good friends Amy and Luis were getting married on the gorgeous Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont.  After a stop at Whetstone Station in Brattleboro Vermont, we were back on the road bound for Pittsfield. 

Friday night we checked into the Trailside Lodge, where we were sharing a 5 bedroom “Lodge” with friends.  

Trailside Inn

While the innkeepers seemed nice, and the main lodge was beautiful, our lodging arrangement was really disappointing.  The lodge was a mix between some updated features (new sinks, newer kitchen) with a mix of older run down features (ancient tiny showers, dated linens) but the worst part was that the place just wasn’t kept clean and no one really seemed to care about it.  Dead moths were crusted onto the wall where someone had killed them, but had not bothered to remove them from the wall.  Half of the windows were missing screens and without AC, opening the windows was essential.  The lodge was constantly filled with bugs.  The grounds were also in disarray as the pool was absolutely filthy and we saw by the 20+ dead frogs that it had not been cleaned in a very long time.  At $625 a night for the group for the lodge, we were just sadly disappointed in the lack of upkeep at the Trailside. 

Main Lodge at Trailside Inn

One of the bedrooms in the lodge 

Entrance to the Lodge 

Posing outside the main lodge

If you are looking for a nice place to stay, The Aimee Farm although pricier, had some gorgeous lodging options.   I stopped to visit friends staying here, and we joined them for a cocktail and warm fresh baked cookies on their gorgeous deck overlooking the farm.  The rooms were updated and exquisite, and you could tell the innkeeper here really cared about their property.  

Aimee Lodge

Welcome Agenda 

The agenda was a Friday bonfire, a Saturday hike, wedding, after party, and a Sunday brunch. Saturday's hike was a gorgeous hike to Deer Leap Overlook  before wedding activities. Although the schedule was packed, we still had time to stop at the brewery in Brattleboro, and take many trips to the Pittsfield Vermont's Original General Store.  The town of Pittsfield is quite small so your dining options are pretty limited.  The convenience store was typical of your Vermont country store in the fact that it had an awesome local beer selection, a ton of real maple syrup, and some great food right out of the kitchen.

When it was time for the wedding, we jumped on the shuttle and arrived at the stunning Riverside Farm. 

Riverside Farm

"Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont has everything you need to create an elegant Vermont Wedding, including six beautifully restore barns and over 700 acres nestled at the edge of the Green Mountains. Riverside Farm is the country’s most exclusive wedding venue only serving 15 weddings a year with several venues to choose from for your Vermont Wedding."

Cocktail Hour 

Riverside Farm

Riverside Farm was such a beautiful space to celebrate with friends and family, with several barns and cottages on this beautiful landscaped farm, I could see why they chose this spot to say I Do.  The welcome bonfire was in the first red barn, where we were greeted with drinks, a fire, and a variety of smore options (coconut or maple marshmallows, andes and chocolates, various graham crackers).  The next day, the wedding ceremony was out on the law, and cocktail hour under a beautiful tent on the lawn.  The wedding reception moved into the stunning brown barn, with a deck overlooking the property.  The morning brunch was back in the first barn, and we also stopped to see the adorable grooms cottage at the edge of the trails.  

Riverside Farm

Riverside Farm

Riverside Farm

This was a gorgeous wedding in a beautiful spot I had never been to.  While I have been to Killington in the winter to ski, Vermont in late summer early fall was all the charm you could imagine.  This Vermont countryside made me so happy to call New England home, and was the perfect backdrop to celebrate a beautiful couple with friends and family.  We had such an amazing weekend in Vermont I was so sad to see it end. 

Riverside Farm

Grooms cabin at Riverside Farm

Trails at Riverside Farm

Sunday at around noon we packed up, said our good byes and headed back down I-91 to head home.  With the weather cool and raining, we made a pitstop at “Smokin Bowls” off the Okemo exit for some hot soup and fresh tea.  At 8$ a “bowl” the soup is highly expensive, but really (really) good.  Clam chowder and chili and we were on the road again.    

Smokin Bowls 


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