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Monday, September 14, 2015

Brattleboro, Vermont (and Whetstone Station)

This weekend I was back on a jet plane for the 458th time this summer, traveling from the west back to the east coast.  After landing in Connecticut, we packed up the car and headed for Vermont.  If you are dizzy from the back and forth Utah to East Coast post, so am I.  But I am having a ton of fun along the way.

I spent a fair amount of time in Vermont over the years, but always during the winter to ski, or during the spring to run the Vermont City Marathon relay with friends.  This was my first trip back in early fall and I was so excited to find some of that good ole New England charm I was craving. 

We took the first exit over the border from Massachusetts to Vermont.  Instantly I was smacked in the face with that old feel charm I was craving. Utah is beautiful, the mountains are gorgeous, but I just missed that old small town feel that is so hard to find outside of New England. We were bound for Killington, Vermont but stopped for a bite and some scenery at Whetstone Station in Brattleboro, Vermont. 

Fun Fact:  Vermont has more breweries per capita than anywhere else in the United States .  Small State Big Beer is kind of their thing.  I counted 41 breweries on my map.  Some are big names like Harpoon and Magic Hat, while some are smaller and less known like Whetstone Station. 

Whetstone Station is a quaint New England restaurant brewery right on the Connecticut River.  We were so excited to pull up seats at the bar, and be welcomed back by some of our favorite New England taps, some local Vermont beers, and best of all, a selection of beer of tap over 4% ABV

A beer flight was a perfect way to sample local Vermont beer while taking in the gorgeous views and chatting over some pub grub.  It is pretty amazing how hard it can be to find a pub with a view, a good vibe, and good food.  Whetstone Station had it. 

We settled on a rueben and a burger (with peanut butter might I add) and some delicious parmesan fries. The food was great, the atmosphere was awesome, and the beer didn't have to follow any silly rule.  This is just the perfect way to start any trip through Vermont.  

Whetstone doesn't take reservations, but get there early to score a seat on their patio. The seating over the river with views of the water and the bridge is a perfect spot to sip a beer on a Friday afternoon.  Or maybe enjoy the "bier garten" on the roof deck. 

After lunch, we took a walk over the bridge to stretch our legs before finishing our drive to Vermont.  Vermont is known for their skiing, their covered bridges, maple syrup, and their breweries.  Not a traditional covered bridge but a gorgeous spot for a photo opp none the less. 

Did I convince you that a fall weekend away to Vermont is just what you needed?
Our stop at Whetstone Station was a perfect start to a beautiful weekend.   It was what you expect Vermont to be.  Good beer and beautiful scenery.  Oh how I wish my waistline, liver and schedule had time to visit all of Vermont's breweries.  But there was a wedding ahead.  Next stop, Killington and Pittsfield, Vermont!

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  1. You have the ability of making every place look gorgeous haha. The food looks great too and you had me at "bier garden". I love myself some great beer. I mean, I'm from Belgium, I'm obligated!

    N- Naomi in Wonderland


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