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Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekly Recap March 2 to March 8 and Motivational Monday

Weekly Check In:
Monday:  Tabata 
Tuesday:  3 miles
Wednesday:  Barre
Thursday:  5 miles (hills)
Friday:  3 mile trail run
Saturday:  Ski
Sunday:  10 miles Jordan River Parkway and HIIT class 

Sundays run felt good to start, and tired towards the end.  I am realized I am slowly pushing my limit.  I havent had a full COMPLETE rest day in over two weeks.  All of my "rest days" have been active rest days (a gym class, skiing, hiking, etc).  I felt it Sunday toward those last few miles.  My legs were tired form a week of workouts.  Spent from a full day of skiing Saturday.  But I keep asking them for more and I am thankful they are still carrying me mile by mile.  Even when after a ten mile run, I ask them to play along in a 40 minute HIIT class for my instructor training class.

Thank you legs.    

I need to plan a rest day ASAP but first, 
I want to leave you with some motivational and wise words.  

Penguin Pearls of Wisdom:

" Progressing as a runner is a frustratingly slow process of small gains.  It is a matter of inching your mileage up and your pace down.  The only magic in your life as a runner is the magic of consistency.

Many of us spent our whole lives looking for that magic pill.  I want one that makes my abs ripped and my teeth white and allows me to eat whatever I want. 

There is no magic in running other than the magic you bring to it.  You bring your own solutions to your own problems.  Your struggles are unique to you.  What running teaches is that we can get from where we are to where we want to be, but we have to get there a day at a time".  

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