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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Motivational Monday 3/9 to 3/15, 3/16- 3/22

Time for an update! 
 Motivational Monday was pushed aside due to Zion recaps. 
 SO today we are reviewing the past two weeks:

Monday (3/9):     REST
Tuesday (3/10):    4 miles 
Wednesday (3/11):    REST
Thursday (3/12):    3 miles 
Friday (3/13):     Zion- 9.5 miles hiking
Saturday (3/14):     Vegas 
Sunday (3/15):    Drive- 2 mile hike 

Monday (3/16):    4 miles
Tuesday (3/17):    11 miles
Wednesday (3/18):    Riding 
Thursday (3/19):    Trail ride Antelope Island 
Friday (3/20):    3 miles & Riding 
Saturday (3/21):    Ski
Sunday (3/22):    7.5 mile hike 

ADVICE:   If there is one thing I can try to "teach" you, it is that do not sweat the runs you missed.  Really, your number one concern should be getting your long run in at any cost.  With the weekend spent in Zion, I had to push my long run to Tuesday morning.  No, I did not do it at the scheduled weekend slot but yes, I still got it done.  You can be shady about your short runs, but do not miss a long one!

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