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Monday, January 3, 2022

A Neutral Nursery

I think most women who want children someday have daydreamed about what a future nursery would look like. When we started renovating this house (and before we found out we were expecting), we started calling this room in the corner "the nursery". It was sweet and dreamy, to be sitting in this terribly old outdated and dirty room in the corner of the house, thinking of all its potential. We peeled wallpaper and painted walls, installed new windows, and redid the floors, envisioning how this room would all come together when the time came. And then, it did. 

There are so many themed and styled nurseries now, ranging from safaris to unicorns and while they are fun, they just aren't for me. When I found out we were expecting a little boy, I knew I wanted something more neutral. I didn't want anything decked out in bright blues and dark greens and figured a neutral nursery would also work for a possible Baby #2 down the road, regardless of gender. 

Future planning aside, planning a very neutral nursery was something I wanted to do for me. My thought was this - he isn't going to know or care what the room looks like as a baby so I may as well make it a calming room I love, a room that matches the rest of the house. When he's older with opinions on decor, I will embrace planes and trains on the wall.  But for now, I wanted something neutral and calming that matched the rest of the house which is a simple clean Scandinavian neutral design. I didn't want to invest insane amounts of money into decorating this room, but knew I needed a few solid staples. Here's what we came up with for Whitney's room and how it became my favorite room in the house. 


I wanted something neutral, with texture, and that was still soft for him to crawl around. This rug is all of that. It does shed a tiny bit when I vacuum. Rugs can get so expensive and this one was reasonable, so comfortable, and fits the space perfectly. I would totally buy it again. 

Easily my favorite light fixture in the entire house. It adds just the right about of texture to the space. The price is super reasonable as well. 

This is another one of those things that can get insanely expensive quick. I wanted something middle of the line price-wise, something that was decent quality, a neutral color, and clean lines. This was a gift from my mother thankfully she found it on sale, and we went for the light gray. 

Essentials Cart: Ikea R├ůSKOG Cart
Best little hack ever. This cart is so inexpensive, looks great in his room, stores a ton, and can be wheeled into different rooms as needed. 
We love Ikea - it just fits into our aesthetic. We didn't want a changing table but instead, a dresser he could grow with. We already had one and you cannot beat the price and quality. 

I had bought this for another part of the house and it just looks nice in the space. He also loves checking himself out in the mirror. 

I did a bunch of research and went with the Dekor Plus Diaper Pail (downstairs). I wanted a second diaper pail upstairs and found a Diaper Genie in stock at Walmart. I like them both because you can cut the bag off at any point (it's one long sleeve, you aren't wasting an entire bag for two really stinky diapers). I think the Dekor looks a bit nicer. 

I was not going to buy into the gimmicks of wipe warmers, or get him used to that. But a girlfriend recommended a wipe dispenser as a must-have item so you aren't pulling our 4 wipes at a time when you are one-handed changing diapers. We love it - get two. 

Changing Pad (given from friend)

Changing pad liners and covers Changing Pad (liners)Changing Pad Cover (stretch)
Liners and covers are a must, especially in those newborn blowout days. It is much easier to change out a little liner than removing the whole cover every time you have a leaky diaper. 
I didn't want a monitor that tapped into our wifi after hearing some unpleasant stories. We went with the Vava because it has the capability to attach two different cameras to one monitor. It has a great battery life and awesome night vision. It also tells you the temperature in the room which is a feature I love. The range isn't great and just barely catches at our neighbor's house. The screen does go on and off (I think in power saving mode) often during the day which can be annoying but the camera is still on and active. 

This was another one of those "already had it and it worked out really well in the closet" sort of things. Baby clothes are short so its nice to have extra storage under the hanger space. 

Lamp - Kate Spade (Marshalls)
Loved the simple design and shape. Marshalls often carries Kate Spade lamps and I love the sleep design. 

Table - hand me down 
Just a fun little shape that fits well in this portion of the room. 

Book Shelf - hand me down 
The perfect-sized book shelf for his room. We love displaying the books in a rainbow color-coded pattern. 

We did a low-key horse theme with a few horse prints and then added on this gorgeous Dinotopia print and a map we found at HomeGoods. it sounds weird, but somehow it all works together. 


Bedroom (infant) - Halo Bassinet (borrowed from my sister in law) - Really helpful for the newborn days, especially for a breastfeeding mom. 

Nursery Crib: Ikea Sniglar Crib
I spent a lot of money on our stroller, knowing it was something we would use every day. I did not want to spend a lot of money on a crib. This crib was the perfect natural wood color and had great reviews (and came in under $100). 

Breathable newborn "mattress" (given from friend)
There are so many brands but this one was given from a friend. I loved that no sheet was required and it was easy to detach and throw in the wash. The breathable mesh was amazing peace of mind we needed as new parents. 

An absolutely necessary addition to our room. Blackout curtains get expensive fast. I wanted something white and didn't want to break the bank. These affordable curtains from amazing work fantastic and I am already ordering more. *Get a set for your room so you can catch up on daytime sleep in those newborn days. 


Name Puzzle - Etsy
Just a fun little way to get his name into the nursery. I love wood toys and the colors and design were a fun addition to his room. 

If you find yourself in coastal Maine, this is a must-stop. They make the most beautiful wooden toys and these fit right into our theme in the nursery. 

I saw this somewhere and instantly knew I needed it. I couldn't get behind the price but was able to find mine half off on Mercari second hand (polar bear sold out, bunny is a great second option)

Wooden Cars/Truck - Melissa and Doug

Books - collection from friends, family, and the used book shop. I also have a small wall-mounted bookshelf where I rotate seasonal or themed books. The small shelves are a picture ledge from Ikea

Name Stool - A pop of color from Damhorst Toys gifted from a friend and such a lovely touch to his nursery. 

I love his room. It is calming, clean, and the perfect space for him to play and unwind.  The plant has since been moved as he is climbing up and into everything but everything else has stood the test of time. Take as many hand-me-downs as you can and try not to fall into the trap of "all the things you need". 

Happy Decorating, 

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