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Friday, November 12, 2021

Osprey Poco Plus Review - Baby Carrier For Hiking

If you read my travel stroller guide, you won't be surprised when I tell you I did a good amount of research when it came to our kiddo-carrying hiking pack. To be honest, this was much lighter research. This pack is constantly making the top of kid-carrying backpack reviews, and I really already had a brand and pack in mind, I just needed to make sure this was the right decision and not just the trend. For our family, it was down to the Osprey Poco Plus ($330) and the Deuter Kid Comfort ($315) and we decided on the Osprey because of the extra storage. 

However - this is another one of those "the pack that is perfect for me, may not be perfect for you". Not one pack does it all so you need to find what you need. Before we go into the pros and cons and full review, let me say this

Osprey Poco Plus Review

Get this bag if: 

You are a very active family who is willing to make an investment - you are an outdoor enthusiast who wants a trusted brand (and a quality product that will last) and a pack with a ton of storage that is just as good for an overnight hike as it is for a few miles or a day trip. Buy it/check the price here ** we waited for an REI member sale and snagged this pack for 20% off (from $330 down to $264) Use discount code “gearup2021” for 20% off through November 22.

Don't get this bag if: 

You are more of an occasionally outdoor/varied use family on a budget - you only intend to use this on occasion or smaller day trips and prefer the lightest most comfortable option. There are cheaper and lighter options for this kind of family if this is you.  Check out some of the other bags available and how they compare here

Osprey Poco Plus Review

F U L L   V I D E O   R E V I E W 

See on YouTube HERE

Specs -About this pack

  • Size: 26 liter pack,  29"h x 15"w x 17"d (unfolded) / 11.6"d (folded)
  • Empty Pack Weight:  7 lbs, 11 ounces (3.48 kg) 
  • Maximum Load 22 kg / 48.5 lbs (Child, gear and pack weight combined)
  • Adjustable Hipbelt (26"–48") and torso (15.5"–21.5”)
  • Adjustable child seat height 
  • Built-in sunshade in its own zippered pocket. 
  • Owner's Manual PDF - great detailed instructions on fit and how to put the pack on
  • Removable drool pad 
  • Frame: Anti-Gravity Aluminium Suspension, Anti Gravity Airspeed (mesh) Backpanel - Exoform (mesh and soft) Harness, Adjustable sternum strap with rescue whistle, Antigravity fit on the fly hip belt 3D tensioned mesh comfortable wraps and conforms to the hip and lower back and provides excellent ventilation
  • Hydration sleeve to add a bladder

SO now, my review of the pack after using it about 10-15 times (spoiler, I love it). 


  • Storage - so many pockets and zippered areas including a very large bottom storage pouch, a sunglass pouch, large top zippered pocket, hip belt pockets, and side storage areas. 
  • Built-in sunshade - A sunshade really is necessary and the fact that it's built-in makes it even better. 
  • Kickstand feature - serves as a high chair/stand and folds back down when you are wearing the pack. 
  • Detachable drool pad - easy washing
  • Stirrups - extra comfort as you carry around larger kiddos
  • Adjustable torso length so hikers in the same family of various heights can be comfortable in the bag. 
  • A trusted brand with a lifetime warranty - all my hiking packs are Osprey, have all held up, and they are worth the investment. 
  • Has a high weight limit - MAXIMUM LOAD 22 KG / 48.5 LBS. (Child, gear and pack weight combined)
  • It's really easy to get a kid loaded and up on your back, even solo 
  • Child seat height is adjustable - great for growing kiddos 
  • Reservoir sleeve if you want to add a bladder 


  • Doesn't come with a rain or bug shield
  • It isn't the lightest option 
  • It's bulky for storage purposes (doesn't fold flat) 
  • It is very expensive (wait for an REI member sale and get this 20% off like I did) 
Osprey Poco Plus Review

I love this pack for a few reasons. It's comfortable on my 5'6 frame as well as my husband's 6' frame. Whitney is always comfortable in it and the sunshade is a must for sunnier days (I wish it had a built-in bug net too). We love having so many storage options (with a large bottom compartment, zippered hip pockets, sunglass zippered pocket, water bottle side pockets, and large open pocket) and use it on small 2 mile hikes in our backyard, 6-mile mountain hikes, and can't wait to use it for backpacking. It's easy, it's high quality, it's a name we trust and I know it will last (and there's a warranty in case it doesn't). I wish it folded a little better for traveling purposes and it isn't light. It doesn't make the weight of a small human "magically go away" but definitely distributes the weight comfortably. I started with smaller slower flat hikes until I got used to the weight on my pack (just like you would with any sort of heavy pack hiking). 

Osprey Poco Plus Review

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