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Monday, April 25, 2022

Reima Rain Gear - Baby/Toddler Clothing and Outdoor Gear

Getting outside with Whitney is an everyday activity, rain or shine. If you read my review of "There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Just Bad Clothes" you know I believe in being prepared for any type of weather. You also know that few are doing it better than the Nordic countries and we aren't done talking about them yet.

You can find me outside during the cold of winter, the rainy days of spring, the heat of summer, and the chilly nights of fall. Life in New England demands versatility and preparedness as the weather can be sunny one minute and storming the next. A glimpse into my gear closet will show you a variety of high-quality gear acquired over many years and a lot of research. I have everything I need to get outside and quickly built up Adam's gear stash as well. But Whitney? While we received a lot of hand-me-downs from friends and family, we didn't really have any high-quality raingear or outerwear. I took to the internet and quickly discovered how hard it was to find this type of gear for infants and babies. 

Having kids can shift your identity, especially in the younger years, and I was determined to hold onto this active aspect of my life. Once I had Whitney, I integrated him into my active outdoorsy life and truth be told, it's the only thing he knows. I wouldn't have been able to bring my then newborn, now toddler out into all types of weather, marching right through all four seasons, without the right gear. When he was a teeny tiny little newborn, we had amazing layers and great stroller bunting. Now that he's getting older and more importantly, mobile, we needed a new type of gear. I need to find gear that's a bit more durable for the active running, crawling, jumping toddler. We also needed something high-quality to get through the wet months of April and May and transition into the cooler wetter months of summer and into fall. It sounds simple but you would be surprised by how few companies make gear for babies and toddlers. I also wanted to support a company that focuses on bettering our planet and offers high-quality gear with a sustainable focus. Enter Reima. 

I was obsessed with Reima gear from the second I saw a Colorado mom taking her babies out into the snow in these amazing snowsuits. I had never heard of Reima and after a quick browse through their website, I knew I found a company that would be able to sustain my active little boy's wardrobe from the newborn stage right through his school days. I found Reima, reached out to them, and they offered us this gear to try out. I was not paid for hitting publish. I'm just an active and outdoorsy mom who is beyond excited to share this company that promotes sustainability while offering high-quality outdoor gear for a range of ages. 

About Reima

Reima is a world-leading kids' activewear brand from Finland. With over 75 years of experience, Reima know it’s the small details that make the biggest difference. Reima's award-winning products are safe, innovative, responsibly made, and will last the test of time. They are passionate about creating gear that allows children to embrace the "there's no such thing as bad weather" attitude and doing it in a manner that promotes sustainability. High-quality gear at an approachable price point that keeps our kids warm and dry and will last the test of time. 

"We’re here to protect our children and their future that’s why sustainability lies at the heart of our work. We champion an active childhood through ethically produced sustainable products, ensuring value creation for all stakeholders. From the materials we innovate, to the recycling initiatives, and all material certifications we strive for, we think of every last detail."


I wanted to give this outfit a few trial runs before I reported back and I'm impressed to say this suit has endured some serious crawling and slogging across the asphalt, over rocks, and through the lawn as our mobile 14-month old refuses to get around on his own two feet. I have yet to convince him to wear the mittens but he's worn the coat playing in the yard or in his stroller on rainy runs or windy days. The entire suit is perfect for the really rainy days and the rain hat is the spring accessory I never knew I needed. But my favorite part about this rain suit is the simplest part. It is actually waterproof. It's not water-resistant, it doesn't repel water for an hour, it gets the highest waterproof rating "Heavy Rain All Day".

Everything is (purposely) a little big on him as he's growing like a weed and I wanted to have some gear to last through the season. We also hope to add to our family and buying quality gear that would last beyond one kid was crucial. Reima sizing is 1 size larger than traditional US sizing giving you built-in room to grow.

Sustainability vs Greenwashing

Buying from a company like Reima also means you are supporting an eco-conscious company that considers its impact on the environment and aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible. When I started looking into rain gear, my challenge extended beyond baby to toddler sizing and into ethics as I tried to find transparency in the clothing manufacturing process. I started compiling a spreadsheet comparing some of these companies and was honestly blown away by the "greenwashing" and lack of real information when it comes down to their products and the way they are made. 

greenwash- disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present an environmentally responsible public image.

Anyone can claim "green", but very few companies are willing to show you how. Matter of fact, so many companies never even bothered to respond when I asked them for any kind of documentation regarding their process and their environmentally friendly practices. Reima has a link at the top of their website titled "sustainability" which takes you to pages of information on how they are working to protect our planet for future generations.

The Gear/Features

All Reima products run about one size larger than traditional US sizes so ordering your child’s current size is like ordering a size up. This children's rain gear is made from a stretchy material that's PVC-free.

Rain Outfit - Jacket and Suspenders

Rain pants have stretchy suspenders and foot loops and both jacket and rain pants have reflective panels. Can also be purchased separately. This rain jacket is un-lined making it great for wet days in spring and autumn (just add warm layers underneath). Welded, waterproof seams guarantee that no rain seeps through and the jacket offers a detachable hood

Reima Rain Boots

Classic cotton-lined rubber kids' rain boots. The shaft height is designed to fit your child based on their age (sizes range from 6 Toddler to 6 Big Kids). They have reflecting piping on the sole and are made from a material that includes 40% natural rubber and the outsole is crafted from vulcanized PVC-free rubber.

Reima Rain Hat

This kids' rain hat protects little ears, necks, and faces from both lightweight and heavy showers. An unlined item, it's lightweight and made from a flexible material with no PVC. The welded seams ensure no water seeps through this kid's rain hat.

Reima Rain Mittens

These unlined waterproof kids' mittens are made from a flexible, PVC-free material and come in a choice of colors. The welded seams help ensure that they keep little ones dry no matter how many puddles need to be splashed in. The elasticated band with a snap button on the wrist creates a snug fit

Today's post is sharing this high-quality, durable and adorable product that allows you to enjoy the outdoors in any season. From pothole puddle jumping to backwoods adventures, Reima is the brand for getting babies outside and enjoying any weather with adventurous toddlers. Check back in later in the week as I share a roundup of other companies occupying the outdoor kid space and which companies are going above and beyond to be a name you can trust and a name you want to support.

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