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Friday, November 26, 2021

Holiday Gift Guide (1 year old)

This is Whitney's first Christmas but even more importantly, it's the one Christmas where he doesn't have any say over his gifts. I know there will be a future Christmas filled with legos and toys but for now, I wanted to focus on some items he needs or things we can enjoy through the winter (okay, and a few fun toys). I know it's not as genuine and sort of"tacky" to have a list but here's the thing... some people love to find that organic perfect gift but some people really like a nudge in the right direction, or, a direct link.

These are functional gifts more than they are toys, and they are based around an almost 1-year-old. He will be one this February and we are so excited to be out in the snow this winter with our 1-year-old. If you are looking for a gift for the little one in your life, this guide is a great place to start. 

Kidkraft A-frame Hideaway & Climber Tent
I loved that his compact climber functioned as a tent too. I figured this would be really fun for his room... especially during the winter months **currently on sale $30 off **  

Seasonal Books
We have a seasonal rotating bookshelf in his room. We have a lot of Christmas and Halloween books now, but we are on the lookout for the other seasons (spring, summer, easter, thanksgiving, whatever!)

Flexible Flyer Sled 16"
Hoping we could tote him around the trails and let him sled in the front yard!

Foldable Pail Bucket Collapsible Buckets
These look super fun and easy to tote around for beach or camping trips

Water Table
Kids love water tables! Fun summer activity

LLBean Snowman Kit
How fun is this kit for building snowmen in the winter??!
10% off when you signup for their email list


REI Kids Water Bottle
No Caption Needed :)
Use discount code “gearup2021” for 20% off through November 22 anything at REI


They send high-quality age-appropriate toys on a subscription plan

This would be great for getting him and our things down to the beach or concerts on the green

Burley Encore Bike/Run/Ski trailer
This is a big-ticket item that Adam and I bought for each other and Whitney - it goes from bike trailer to running stroller to skiing trailer! We bought this as a 2 seater so it's the perfect way for a growing family in the future, to tote two kids around and have a 2 kid running stroller. I originally wanted the Thule Multisport but at over $1,000 and no discount codes accepted, I couldn't stomach the price tag. The Burley is currently on sale at REI and had amazing reviews for a middle price point bike trailer.

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