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Monday, November 24, 2014

Running updates !

My Moab trip is all wrapped up-- but I still have a TON of GoPro footage to go through! Now that the temperatures are dropping and the mountains are getting snowy, hiking season is coming to an end.  This also marks the beginning of my "running season".  My favorite time of year to run is now.  Cold temperatures, people out and about, lights going up around the city, and holiday treats are just around the corner.  

I am happy to admit I have been more consistent with my running lately.  Past two weeks I have committed to getting out the door running 3 times a week.  

11/10/14    *  3 miles
11/14/14   *   3 miles
  11/16/14   *   4.5 miles  

11/19/14  *   4.5 miles
11/21/14   *   3 miles 
11/23/14  *   5 miles 

Sunday's snowy 5 miles through Memory Grove up into City Creek Canyon 

Friday's 3 miles through temple square and some hill work by the capital 

Chilly temperatures and my running is loving it!  
Memory Grove pond is frozen over 

If you read my post last week, you know Salt Lake City has an air quality issue in the winter, smack dab in the middle of my "running season".  I have been doing lots of hill training the past two weeks with the hopes of being able to run up in the mountains, more altitude more elevation.  After complaining to one of my running friends here about how hard it is to run here, she just finally said you just have to adapt.  I guess she is right.... 

Also planning on doing my own little turkey trot around the city Thursday morning so was glad I have been getting out of my 3 mile comfort zone.  

This weeks goals:  3-4 runs this week.  5 mile Turkey Trot,  hill work, maybe 6 miles over the weekend.   Next week going to try to get into the mountains.  

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  1. Nice work! I'm trying to get back on schedule, though it's been super inconsistent. Anything is better than nothing though! I think it's tough with the up and down weather too. One day it's 30 degrees, the next it's 60. I love the warmer temps, but for running it's hard to get adjusted! Can't be as bad as dealing with altitude though!


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