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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mount Timp Summit GoPro Video!

It was another Sunday spent with GoPro editing software.  
Whenever we hike now, I make sure to take little video clips of our hike.  Then, when I am feeling ambitious, or when the weather is a little iffy, I spend a few hours putting together a little video of the hike.

(Free software- fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it- I can put together a quick tutorial if anyone wants it!)

I am realllly glad I did because I am not sure it is possible to convey to you in words and stills how gorgeous this hike was- and how beautiful/treacherous the last haul to the peak was.  It is fun to share these little videos with all my friends back home. 

Last week I posted all of my pictures and information on hiking Mount Timp. 
 If you missed that (shame on you) then you can check it out here.

~14.5 miles and >4,500' of elevation gain 
for your viewing pleasure from your work desk or couch :) 

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