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Monday, November 17, 2014

ROAD ID Sale next 3 days ! $15

For the next 60 hours, Road ID bracelets are all on sale for $15!!! 

I have wanted one for a while but never got around for it.  
Well, this sale was the motivation I needed! 

What is a Road ID? Basically it is a little bracelet with important medical/contact information in case you were ever in an accident while running/biking/cycling and could not speak for yourself.  Now that winter is approaching and the roads are getting snowy and icy, it is the perfect time to slap that bracelet on and be safe!

Road ID is having a 3-day sale right now. You can get any of their IDs for only $15. And they also have Hot Deals on tech tees (40% off) and Supernova lights (20% off). I got my bracelet for $15, originally $30! 

I bought this one 

Oh, one more thing, they offered me a $10 credit for each one of my friends that gets
one. But I promise that's not the reason I shared this with you. I
really do think it's a great thing to have and make great Christmas gifts too.
Use this link to check out the sale: !
Be safe out there! 

P.S. They also donate money to your favorite charity! 

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  1. I have a myID bracelet that I love. Same concept but instead of having your info on it, it has a QR code. That code is attached to all my info, even my health insurance info. You can see it here: but important to note, I got it for $20 on a deal of the day website ;)
    Either brand, they're a great idea, especially as the conditions outside get more challenging!


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