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Monday, November 3, 2014


Yes.  The title of today's post is "Funk". 
 Not in like an unappealing smell kind of way.  
In a Running Funk kind of way. 

It is not a burnout funk- because I have not run more than 6 miles since my Marathon in May.  And I never run more than 2-3x a week.  I can't say it's because I am being super lazy, because I still want to work out, and hike, and walk, I just hate the idea of running at the moment.   

Which feels terrible to say because lets be honest... this started as a running blog.  

This funk has been a few weeks in the making, but really hit hard last week.  Last Thursday, I laced up my sneakers for a run, got outside, and literally, hated every second of it.  After a half a mile I turned around and went home.. it was that bad.   Usually I just muster through but that day I just had absolutely no desire.  And while it usually gets better once I am out the door, it did not that day!

But don't worry fans, while I have been a total slacker in the running department, I promised myself I would do something active everyday, and at least get out there and walk for my mental health and the dog's sanity.  

Friday was a 2.5 mile walk to and from dinner
Saturday was a 5.5 mile hike 
Sunday was a 2.5 mile walk around Memory Grove and the Capital 
Monday was a 2 mile walk around the city with Olive

Not impressive, but still getting out there and moving which I think is important.  On Halloween, Thatcher and I went to the Body World exhibit downtown at The Leonardo (figured this would be a spooky fun and interesting halloween outing).  It is an educational exhibit of preserved human bodies- comparing different figures, lifestyle choices, etc.  This was a great reminder to stay active, make healthy choices, and treat your body well because it is the only one we have. 

 So now I am going to take my own advice and share some tips I am going to use to get out of this rut and back in my Newtons.

1.  Get back in the routine of early morning workouts and running.  It is best to get out of bed and run, before you have an entire day to make excuses.  Just wake up and do it woman- stop complaining.

2.  Find a new fitness class.  I refuse to large amounts of money for gym memberships and classes.  Last month I took advantage of the $39 unlimited yoga for one month at the yoga studio, but now I need to find a new option.  Groupon is a great place to find monthly deals for cheap cheap.  This is also a great way to keep finding new workouts and switch it up.

3.  Get out of the city and on to the trails.  With "inversion season" now in swing, this will be important.  Even if I half run, half walk, I think a fresh change of scenery will jump start my relationship with running. 

4.  Drink more water and make more healthy options.

The holidays are coming and this is a terrible time to be in a running funk so I need to get in gear and follow steps 1-4 and get back to running. 

Anyone else in a funk?

Anyone else have any tips for getting out of a running funk?


  1. ahh i feel you! whenever i do any big event like a marathon or a half, i get in a running funk for months (AKA - STOP running haha) so i have no tips! do you like your newtons? xoxo

  2. Guilty. I think you miss your morning running club. I know I do. I even set all my clothes out yesterday to run this morning. And then I didn't. I thought the 32 degree temps was a good excuse. Which I mean it IS. But not really. Maybe tomorrow...
    On the plus, I have ridden two horses six days a week. So that's something at least. I don't think it QUITE balances out the candy... but close enough right? Ha! Moooo.


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