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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I started the day off right with one packet of cinnamon roll oatmeal (so much YUM) and added in three strawberries and a half a banana.  I enjoyed this while watching the morning news in front of the tellie, a new tradition.
I was too lazy to set the coffee maker so I opted for a caramel coffee from the Kuerig (sp?)  at work.  

For lunch I had a shrimpy cesar salad with a slice of leftover home made shrimp pizza.  There is something about a caear salad that is so simple and delicious.  I used Kens Light options Caesar dressing for a total of 80 cals per serving.  I added in a dash of Parmesan cheese, a few croutons and about 10 shrimp that I had cooked Monday night.  Great and satisfying lunch.  

I also have a APPLE CIDER DONUT for later.  
Pop him in the oven for a little bit until its warm and fragrant and it is like fall in your mouth.  These aren't a fancy brand, 
BIG Y brand to be exact, but oh boy are they delicious.  

I had one last night after dinner when the oven was still warm from cooking.  Last nights dinner was a slice of Spinach Quiche and a side Caesar salad.  I stuck the donuts in the oven after it was turned off and was in apple cinnamon heaven after dinner.  

Well that's my Wednesday in the Foodie world.  But let's stop talking about donuts because I may start drooling on my keyboard. 

 If you follow along you know that it's SCUBA WEDNESDAY.  

Well, It is officially too cold for Scuba Wednesday.
Sure the water is still warm, and it isn't too sucky for the first 20 minutes under water.  But running out of the water in a wet suit, trying to change with the cold October wind whipping, just isn't fun anymore. 

All of my friends have a dry suit which keeps them completely dry under their suit- so you can basically dive in your warm fleecy pajamas.  The only thing that gets wet is your head.  You still experience that cold brain freeze wet hair effect, but much better than the whole body freezing effect. 

Sure I too could have a dry suit, for about 2g.  
Unless I win the lotto, that just isn't going to happen. 

Instead of diving on my Wednesday afternoon, 
I am going to go for a run after work and finish clipping the beast.  
I am hoping to do a longer run today because hey... why not!  
By longer I mean between 5-10 miles.
Don't get too pumped for me. 


As for clipping the best, basically I am shaving my horse.  Normal practice here in New England.  Horses get insanely furry winter coats.  These winter coats trap dirt hair and grime and give an overall naggish appearance to the handsome Bradley.  

Even more importantly, that thick heavy coat produces a hot sweaty beast when I try to ride and show him.  So off with the winter coat and on with the winter blankets.  I still have to finish his head, legs and belly.  
That shall be fun.  
Said no one ever. 

Okay - that's my Wednesday folks- 
a run, a horse, some shrimp and donuts.  
This Wednesday isn't looking so shabby after all .

Hope you all get out for a run today.  

Tell me all about it.
Low and slow?
Speed workout?
Training for a race?

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  1. Not going to go for a run today, BUT I do want to share an amazing pumpkin donut recipe that I tried last week in case you want another fall donut to try once your apple ones are all done. Not the healthiest and you have to translate the page to English, but totally worth the treat!


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