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Friday, October 4, 2013

Slow Down

Oh hey there!
I am back!  

Work has been super busy this week with lots of commuting to different job sites
(all the way down the shoreline in Norwalk- a good 1:30) , 
so I have been slacking on the blogging front.  

Have a seat and I will fill you in!

Sunday I ran my half marathon Read all about it here.  
I was pretty sore after that 13.1 -  Especially my calves.  My calves felt really knotted up and stiff, and even walking was a little painful.  I guess this all supports my under trained theory huh?  I have run 5 half marathons and have never been this sore before.  And yes... I wore my ProCompression socks before the race, during, and after.  What I didn't do was LOTS of stretching after.  I really need to get into the foam rolling, and roller stick thingy trend.   
Do you have one?  
Tell me all about it.  

The legs were screaming still on Tuesday (embarrassing) 
so I decided to take some time off running, slow down, and enjoy the scenery.  

Sometimes when I am running I am so focused on how much I want to be done and how much something hurts, that I forget to look up and enjoy the views.    I live on the water in Connecticut, in an adorable little town called Chester.  It is right on the river and right out of a book.  Walking is nice because I usually bring along my travel mug, grab the dog, and enjoy the New England Autumn.  

The weather here has been AMAZING.  
70s and sunny every day, no humidity, no rain, 
just a few clouds and lots of sunshine.  
There is no where that beats the CT shoreline this week.  

I have spent a lot of time with my furry companion, and we have been going on 1-3 mile walks every day.  Sometimes in the morning before work down to the lake, sometimes a quick jaunt during lunch, or sometimes a nice long hike at one of our favorite preserves.  

Long swims and stick chasing included. 

I am off to Block Island for a weekend of Rest, Relaxing, and even a little Running.  But here is the beautiful thing:  
I little running with no time goals, 
no distance goals, 
just me - the dog- and a beautiful island.  
Maybe I will even leave the Garmin at home.

Just kidding :)
Baby steps.......

Enjoy your weekend and stay tuned,
I have a few recipes I can't wait to share with you all



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