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Monday, October 28, 2013

Marine Corps Marathon: Spectator Review by Liz B.

Hello everyone!  
Sorry it's been a bit.. busy week working in the field has not left much time for blogging.  This was a fun weekend for the running world though!  I ran the "Run of the Dead" Zombie 5k (details later) while my good friend Liz watched her uncle run the Marine Corps Marathon in DC. 

I was really excited when she wanted to write a guest post for the blog about the marathon this weekend.  Liz is one of my best freinds and fellow runners and blogs over at Holbrook Ceramics.
Take it away, Liz! 


This past weekend over 30,000 runners participated in the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC. I was incredibly lucky to cheer on my uncle and cousin who were running it for their first time and friend for her third.

My uncle was a Marine so when he decided he was going to run a marathon, he didn't think twice about which race to run. 
He called up his son Rick to run it with him and the training began. 

If you're looking for a marathon to train for, I've heard this is a must run. Rick who ran the Philadelphia marathon a few years ago was astonished with the amount of support. "Literally every inch of the race is lined with people cheering - it was awesome!" 

When I asked him about the hill at the end that the Marines are notorious for finishing races and training with, he responded, "Hah! That was the easiest part. The finish was in site!"

When I asked my friend Mel if she was ready to run the race for the 3rd year in a row she said, "Nope. But when you see how many people are running for people who can't because they are deployed or have passed serving our country or when you're running next to a Marine in full combat gear, it's so motivating!  You can't quit then!"

                           (Credit Marine Corps Marathon Facebook Page)

If you're just looking for an excuse to visit DC, come during race weekend. Sure you're months past the Cherry Blossoms and sure the museums are a bit over crowded from the influx of visitors but this is a very special time for the city. 

Everyone is supporting. 
No one is protesting. 
Everyone is cheering. 
Everyone is in this together:
 Republicans, democrats, tea party supporters, 
independents alike all running together and cheering each other on to reach the finish line. 

(When else will you ever see that in DC). 
I've never seen so many service men and women and American flags in one race before.
 It's really incredible. 

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