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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

3 Miles and a Lucky Tuesday

Unfortunately it is pitch dark at 6:30 
when I have our Tuesday Thursday scheduled girls run.
 Until the clocks get changed, we are going to have to meet at another time of day.
Running at 6:30 in the dark while everyone is tired and on their way to work
does not sound safe to me.  

When I can't run in the morning I TRY to do it before lunch.

Today's lunch

Mixed greens with Gorgonzola  avocado, mushrooms, strawberries, walnuts, dressed with lite honey mustard, and a piece of shrimp pizza from last nights dinner (shrimp, mozzarella  roasted garlic, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, spinach).

Here is the pizza from last nights dinner- 
 three slices of pizza and almost half of the wine-  

I really need to work on portion control-  

I got in three miles today during my lunch break and decided to do some Fartleks (Sprinting small distances and jogging in between- for me it was telephone poles).  

I felt really overdressed- I was freezing this morning (high 40s on the thermometer) so I threw on my capris and long sleeve tech shirt.  By 12 it had warmed up and I was HOT.  

It was a great little speed workout crammed into 26 minutes.  It felt pretty good which is exciting considering I ran 13.1 on Sunday.
I am hoping to do speed workouts Tuesday, hills Thursday, 
a slow run one day and a long run on the weekends.

If I say it out loud maybe I will hold myself to it.

I also got my Stridebox in so I am pumped to try everything and review it all.  
Looks like a good box-  

Now for the super fun news...

  I won something!  I won my first item in the blog world and I am SO excited about it!  I won a 8x10 print of my choice from Love Life Prints - Click here to visit her shop!

I love to support Etsy shoppers so go take a look at her prints!  

I won this awesome Hot Air Balloon print in Pink and Grey
Hot Air Balloon- Tribal- Hand drawn art- pink, yellow, gray

It is going to look so cute framed up and hung on my wall-  would be adorable in a little girls room but I don't have one of those-  Maybe in the bedroom or the bathroom?

 I won this adorable print on Hanna's blog Bouffe e Bambini   Runner, mother to three little ones, blogger turned paleo check out her blog for it all!  

Can't wait to do a give away of my own soon!  
Everyone enjoy your Tuesday and hop on over to Hanna's blog. 

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