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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall in New England

Sometimes I like to pretend I am a photographer.  Like most hobbies, practice makes perfect.  And I love to practice with my Nikon DSLR 3100.  I am a very amateur photographer, and took a  film photography class using my fathers old film Cannon SLR.  It was his wedding gift many many moons ago.  It was old yet worked wonderfully and I took many wonderful pictures on that good ole Cannon.  I also learned how to develop film and all of my own pictures in a dark room.

In college I took a digital photography class and dove into the world of digital SLR and editing.  Despite these classes, I still get stuck in AUTO AUTO AUTO mode and forget to put on my big girl pants and shoot manually.

I am starting to get braver, even taking my camera off auto focus and into the manual settings, also playing around with black and white.  I could really use a refresher into my old photography books, but for now, I will stick with trial and error.    This weekend during my R&R on Block I decided to do some practicing.  I kind of apologize (not really shes the cutest) for the 10000 pictures of my dog.  She is my model/subject and as you can see.... she just loves the camera.

Here are some of the pictures I took on my many walks with Olive around Chester, CT and Block Island, RI.  If you are not in New England for the fall, I am so very sorry!  Changing leaves, pumpkin everything, mums, apple picking, sweaters and boots- the best place to be.  Grab a cup of coffee (preferably pumpkin flavor)  and soak in the New England Autumn!


  1. Olive should be the new look of The Black Dog! Maybe she could at least get a cameo for Adopt-A-Dog Month! Keep these pictures coming, they are beautiful!

  2. okay, these are amazing...and the dog makes them even better! :) xo

    the well-traveled wife

    1. Thank you ! I loved your fall post and pictures as well!


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