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Monday, August 26, 2013

Week two of training and my weekend: SUCCESS

I got all three of my schedule runs in this week- 
even with a crazy work week.  

 Tuesday I ran 3 with the girls 
(aka the neon morning running crew- duh).  
Thursday the girls planned for four but I had a crazy 17 hour day of work so I had to bail on Thursday.  I did not want to get off schedule so I ran my four miles during lunch on Saturday with Olive.  

This is why I love running with a group of friends:  we all keep each other accountable for our runs and workouts.  Time doesn't matter, just that we all pledge to get our three days of running in for the week with our long run on the weekends.  I ran my three with the group, four alone, and six with Stacie.  (all with olive)

Friday after work I FINALLY had time to play with my handsome steed.  I had not ridden since Monday with my crazy work schedule at both jobs.  You think he would be a wild animal but no, he was a complete slug (he is so lazy).   He was a good boy/slug and as you can tell he was NOT fond of bath time, especially when I spray his sweaty face.

Oh if looks could kill Bradley.....

Friday night I went to the local fair- (The Chester Fair) down the road for dinner.  I do not like rides, and refuse to waste my money on those silly games.  I watched the tractor pulls while stuffing my face with all  some of the deliciousness fairs have to offer.  I settled on hand-cut fair fries, a corn dog, and a gigantic ice cream Sunday.  

Fair food is just oh so good. 

Saturday morning Chelsea asked if I wanted to grab breakfast with her in Deep River.  What is better than going out to a lazy breakfast in the sunshine on the weekends?  Maybe fair food...

I went to a new spot (for me)  called the Whistle Stop in Deep River.  I ordered a coffee and a water while I looked over the gigantic menu.  Crabby eggs benedict with home fries or stuffed french toast?  

How is a girl supposed to decide between two amazing things? 

For a brief second I considered getting both. 
 Then I remembered my dinner last night and the run I still had to go on and decided to pick one.  Crabs eggs Benny it was!  
And oh boy it did not disappoint   
Not the healthiest choice,or the best choice pre run,
 but no regrets here.  

After breakfast I headed to Old Lyme to ride Bradley, and then back to Chester to ride one of Stacie's horses.   Once we finished up in the barn we changed and geared up for our schedule six mile run.  

It was 2pm by the time we hit the road, so we decided to do some trail running so we could have some shade and beat the heat.  When I trail run I try to ignore any time goals/frustrations I may have.  The trails were uneven terrain and lots of incline so I decided to focus on distance and ignore the slow pace that my garmin showing.

This was my first time running over four miles since my marathon training in April, and I had run the day before (I usually like to give myself a day off in between).  My legs were heavy from Friday's four and heavy from the trails but we powered through and finished our scheduled six miles.  It felt good to get out of my three mile rut.  Well, felt good mentally at least....

After our run, I met Stacie by the pool for a quick dip with the pugs.  
 Cold water on sore muscles-  it was a great idea and much needed. 

I decided to keep going with my unhealthy streak and made a home made pizza with garlic dough, vodka sauce, cheese, yellow peppers, tomatoes, and ham.  Pizza may be one of my favorite post run treats.  

Sunday morning I finally accepted that my apartment was a complete pig sty and set out on cleaning up.  After a long morning of cleaning (and cold pizza for breakfast) I headed to Old Lyme to ride Bradley.  We had an amazing lesson and even jumped this gigantic terrifying vertical that measured up to be 4'9.  Might be a new record for Bradley and I!  

After riding it was time to relax by the pool and catch up on my tan for this weekends wedding.  Yes my sister's wedding is this weekend- can you believe it?

All in all, I stuck to my workout routine, (ate so much junk) and had a pretty amazing weekend.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekends just as much as me!  Going to try and focus on some healthier meals this week.  

This weeks workout goals:
Tuesday:  3 miles
Thursday 3 or 4 miles
Saturday or Sunday:  7.5 miles 

Working both jobs Monday and Tuesday, Diving Wednesday, Rehearsal Dinner Thursday, Wedding Friday, and Block Island Saturday Sunday Monday.  It is going to be a crazy/amazing week!  
I will get all of my running in... 
I promise!

Thanks for holding me accountable :) 


  1. You get to long run around Block! I'm so jealous!

  2. What are the top 1-2 things that keep you training and you head in the game when things get rough?

  3. Stacie- do not be jealous- you know how hilly Block Island is!

  4. BodyFrontier, a few things.

    When I was training for my marathon I was fundraising for Running For Rescues. Knowing all of these people were supporting me, and I was raising money for such an amazing cause got me out there rain or shine. I highly encourage runners to fundraise for something, anything, it will really help motivate you throughout your training.

    I also like to make a schedule a head of time- it is easier (for me) to see my goals/schedule on paper.

    Lastly, if I am REALLY in a slump, I go out and buy some new running equipment, clothes, camelbak, shoes, or sign up for a new/another race- anything that will get me excited again and back on track. It gets a little pricey but I remind myself I am making an investment towards me health.


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