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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The weekend Wrap Up

I did so many wonderful things this weekend. 
 And most of them centered around spending time with some of my best friends 
and favorite things.  

I have been obsessed with these two songs- 
naturally I blasted them all weekend and added them to my running playlist. 
You should too. 

I got four days of running in this week:

Tuesday 3 miles
Wednesday 3 miles
Thursday 3 miles
Saturday 4 miles hill run/walk with both of the pooches

Wednesday was even a speed workout- my legs are so much faster in the afternoons! 

I agreed to "puppy sit" for a friend so I had this little addition Friday and Saturday. An energetic, cute and crazy (and very destructive) wheaton terrier. 

This is one of the rare moments they were both still. Wes was usually chewing something, destroying something, or chasing Olive around the apartment. 

I tried on my bridesmaid dress after 4 months (and a few insults) and it fit great!  It was even a little loose.  I am in love with it and so glad it's rewearable.  

And yes that is paint on my arm. 

I finally got around to painting my $10 bar cart.  
I turned this....

Into this!  
Some sanding, cleaning, and two coats of Aqua spray paint.  
Such a fun pop of color in the room.
I have my Navy and Aqua theme in full force, with little pops of red.

I tried out a fantastic BYOB restaurant, The Oar located in Haddam Connecticut. 

It is right on the river, at a marina ten minutes away in Haddam.  It is boat and car accessible.  Whether you stop by by boat or drive in, you are going to have an awesome night. 

There are a variety of picnic tables and smaller tables in all sorts of fun colors, all with fantastic water views.

I met up with a bunch of friends and we had an amazing evening with some great food and cheap wine.  I love the idea of BYOB it really made dinner more affordable and really fun to be able to bring our own cocktails.  

A group near us even brought their own linens, candles, and flower arrangement for their table.    You can really have fun at a place like this. 

I ordered the Seared Rare Tuna with a spicy mayo,
 and on the side, green beans and a yummy salad.  
It was fantastic.  
And a brownie the size of the head that was even better.

We even caught a beautiful sunset off the docks after dinner. 

After dinner Bradley got a little lovin from the ladies ;) 

Sunday I took Bradley to a horse show and he was such a perfect gentlemen. 
 I think he likes being mine :) 
I caught him taking an afternoon snooze! 

After the horse show I met up with the group and we spend some time in the sound playing with the wake board and tube and soaking up the sun on the boat. 

Sunday evening was.... drum roll please...

River Tavern caters a 5 course dinner at a local farm with local produce. 
But that will have to be a post all in itself.

I had such a perfect weekend, jam packed with fun and friends. 
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and check back in for my Farm Dinner Recap! 

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