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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hump day runner blues- and another race-

Its Wednesday and Iv'e
got the blues! 
(High five if you just thought of that Kraft macaroni and cheese commercial)-  No not the mac n cheese blues-
The runner blues

First off, have you all seen this camel commercial? 
I believe it's geico?  
I don't find it THAT funny
(actually its quite annoying) 
but my friends love it so it made me laugh too- 
you can form your own opinion on the commercial below 


Silly, stupid, sort of kind of funny when trying to get through a Wednesday that started with a 6:30 three mile run. 

I woke up at 5:45 Tuesday morning to a group text from the girls: 

We woke up Tuesday to torrential downpour so we moved the scheduled Tuesday Neon Running Crew 3 miler to Wednesday.  (I was so happy to see this text and get an extra hour of sleep- I won't lie).
This meant two days off between our long run and our maintenance run. 

We met this morning at 6:30.  I don't know if it was the early morning,  the two days off, the six miler, the humidity, or the running gods planning against us but we all felt tired, heavy, and like we may not make it.  We all agreed the weekend six miler felt easier than the Wednesday three. 
 so un fair.   

Instead of getting down on myself, I tried to take my own advice. 
I looked for some inspiration.

And then I found this - an inspirational post from Stridebox
. so fitting so perfect.  

If Running is difficult
Run More

Running was difficult today so that is just what I will do 
Run More

In perfect timing with my Wednesday runner blues- Stacie over at Amateur at Large sent me a groupon for a Zombie 5k  right down the road from us, the 20$ registration (originally 40) supports the local YMCA.  

Zombie obstacle run... in walking distance from my house... supporting a local cause.... and some more motivation to stick with running.

If you are local- head over to groupon and sign up!  
We are in the 11am wave so come find us.

Do you have the runner blues?
Sign up for another race!  
The weirder/funner the better.

Now I will leave you with a delicious Post run/ Runger treat:

Quaker oats banana nut bread soft baked oatmeal bars- 

Happy Running! 

P.S.  / Random Side note
Stop by Holbrook Ceramics to check out one of my best friend's
(and running partner)
pottery she has for sale  !  

It is so affordable, hand made, and amazing!  

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