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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Neon Morning Running Crew: Quickie Half Marathon Training Plan

I promised I would get back to running and eating
after drifting into the land of tutu's, booze, bachelorettes, and large white vans.  

I met the girls for our Tuesday 3 mile run this morning...
after a week off (oops).  

I am thinking "The Neon Morning Running Crew plus 2"
Catchy right?

We are all getting back on track with running and all signed up for half marathons.  Vanessa and Chelsea are running the United Health Care Half Marathon in Newport, RI on October 13th, Stacie and I are running the Hogsback Half Marathon to support Running for Rescues .

My race is on September 28th and was a last minute decision to sign up.  Luckily we have maintained a happy base of 3 miles so this "fast paced" half marathon training schedule shouldn't be too bad.

This will be my fifth half marathon so I am not too worried about the time schedule, and I don't think I have any time goals (I would love to run a sub 2 hour half marathon again....),hopefully I am just going to enjoy another 13.1 while supporting Running For Rescues.  But we shall see! Sometimes the clock gets me a little excited. 

Here is my fast paced schedule and feel free to use it if you are a slacker/last minute planner and are trying to run a half mary in 6 weeks. 

Week 1:  Tuesday 3 Thursday 4 Saturday 6
Week 2:  Tuesday 3 Thursday 4 Saturday 7
Week 3:  Tuesday 3 Thursday 4 Saturday 8
Week 4:  Tuesday 3 Thursday 4 Saturday 10
Week 5:  Tuesday 3 Thursday 4 Saturday 12
Week 6:  Tuesday 3 Thursday 3 Saturday RACE (13) 

Tuesday Thursday are going to be our maintenance runs (easy 3 or four miles with a few hills),  and Saturdays are going to be slow and low ...our long distance runs.  

I will be posting tips, what I ate, what I wore, and advice and thoughts about our training along the way so make sure you keep checking back.

I love helping people train for races, (beginners obviously) so ask me any questions you have!  


Woke up, glass of iced tea and out the door before my body could register what I was doing- I was meeting the girls in Chester (it is really important for me to commit to meeting the girls or else I won't run).  The run felt pretty good, a little tired after the hills but not bad after a week off and some warm weather.

Breakfast: 2 eggs with diced ham and yellow peppers, sweet potato hash, and fresh strawberries.
Snack:  Half an english muffin with honey butter (honey butter and cinnamon- its divine)

Lunch:  Arugula, Farmers market greens, hard boiled egg, shredded cheese, strawberries, sliced deli ham, crispy onions, and vidalio onion parmesan dressing from Scott's Farm.  

Snack:  1 oatmeal cookie

Dinner:  I packed a home made veggie "lasagna" (I roasted squash zucchini and eggplant and layered it in a dish with some sauce and cheese- baked at 350 for 20 minutes).

Now off to job number two at the bar!  
Happy Running,


  1. I love that you're back at it! Can't wait to hear how this race goes for you! Get it girl!

    1. Thanks Liz :) after my four mile run today I have some doubts myself!


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