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Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Fruit Salad

Yesterday marked my fathers 49th birthday.  My father is an amazing role model who has always let me be the crazy impatient opinionated tom boy I still am today.  

(obsessed with the fishes from the beginning, naturally) 

 To celebrate his last year in the 40's, we had a good ol' fashioned BBQ with the family.  Thursday marked day 5 of healthy eating for me and  I decided to keep it up and pass on the potatoes, bread, and ice cream cake. 

Instead I opted for grilled chicken, grilled pork tenderloin, beans, corn, and an arugula salad.  

Oh sure a potato wouldn't have killed me but I love love love potatoes, so I decided complete avoidance was the best option.  I made sure the potatoes and bread basket sat at the other end of the table so they didn't taunt and tease me.   

While everyone was eating ice cream cake, I decided " I just passed on potatoes... I can take on THE WORLD".  So I said no to ice cream cake and headed to the fridge for a substitute   I found strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and yogurt.  I also grabbed some fresh mint from the garden and some apple pie spices.  Throw them all together and enjoy :) 

It was a great dessert that left me full and satisfied.  What beats fresh fruit on a hot summer day?  Hooray for strawberry season in New England.  

I would love to hear your healthy dessert recipes.

Fruit pops?
Send them my way!

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