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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Running

Be careful what you wish for. 

I was sick of the rain and was begging the sun to show its face and tan me up.  Well after many rainy cool days, we now have consistent hot and humid days. 

 Listen here mother nature.. when I was begging for sun, I was envisioning 80s, dry, cool breeze, and a margarita.  

Instead I got 90s sticky and humid, pit stains and awfulness.  For instance...  I left my Iphone in the car (in the shade) for an hour and the darn thing over heated.  

I take it back- too hot.  The horses don't want to be ridden, the bugs are bad, and even running at 6:30 am is hot.  This is actual my first summer I continued to run  the ENTIRE summer (well so far... I used to be an october to may kind of runner)

  I figured now would be a great time to share some summer running tips.... and steal any that you want to impart on this over heated- sorta runner- definitely rider gal.  

Summer Running Tips:

Hat:  keep the sun and direct heat off of your face-  This will definitely help to keep you cool and cancer free-  Oh and make sure its a vented hat so you don't turn your Sox hat into a sweat rag.  Been there done that.  

I really want this Under Armour hat... 
the Neon speaks to me

Camel Bak:  I love that thing.  Call me pathetic but I even take it out on my three mile runs.  Its hot out and I love to have water even on my three mile runs.  I also took Jill's advice and filled it half way up with gatorade and froze it- this way you have a cool drink and electrolytes.  So So smart.  

Lots of Water;  this ones obvious so I wont go into details.  If you want some deets check out Skinny Runner's recent (and always comical) post on "How to drink more water and become a super model"

Trail Running:  By running on the trails you can run in the cool shade instead of the hot asphalt in the direct sun.  Trail running is a lot more work though so make sure you bring extra water and don't expect to achieve your best 5k time while trecking up steep hills and (hopefully) avoiding tree roots. 

Early morning or late afternoon:  My mind is blown when I see people running at 2 in the afternoon.  Are you crazy? That is the hottest time of the day.  Wake up early or stay up a little later to squeeze in your run before the sun or when it cools down a bit.  I have been squeezing in runs at 6:30 and it is still uncomfortably hot.  2 o'clock is just crazy talk. 

Light and Loose:  Light and loose clothing works best for me when its warm and sticky (and light colors!)  I have even ditched my beloved compression socks ( le sigh ).  Cant be bothered with all that extra fabric while running... and isn't that just another piece of laundry to wash any way?  miss you.....

Know your limits:  Don't push yourself too hard when the thermometer is creeping up on you.  If you are feeling faint and seeing spots.... you pushed too far.  Slow down and enjoy the scenery.  For me, winter is when I set my goals, run my races, and really commit.  Summer = maintenance runs.  

Any more advice- lets hear it!
Happy running and stay cool-


  1. these are great tips! I love the neon hat with ventilation. it has been so hot for running/walking outside! I'm hoping it cools down next week.

  2. It has been so hot- I walked last night at 8 and was amazed how warm I was, even walking that late! Lets hope it cools down a bit- i'm okay with the heat its the humidity that's brutal :(


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