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Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Craving

Good morning and congratulations on surviving another work week.    I feel that Fridays deserve a congratulations- maybe even a high five.  

You made it through five days without getting fired and/or killing your co workers? 

 High Five!

It has been a long week here and I am so thankful for the weekend.  First week back from vacation was rough but I am slipping back into my routine.  

Got my Tuesday/Thursday morning runs in (that deserves another high five) and planning a run for tomorrow.  Three days of running on top of hiking, walks, and horse back riding? I will take it. 

After my return from Europe, I decided to try to severely reduce the amount of bread, rice, potatoes and pasta I put into my pie hole.  Spending a week in the Azores shoving carbs in my face left many afternoons trying to name the food babies I had just created.    After countless loaves of bread and a few baby names later, I landed back in the USA with a plan to try to reduce my breads/pastas/rice/potatoes to two meals a week.  

I decided that bloated, heavy, rock-in-your-stomach feeling just isn't worth that bowl of pasta and basket of bread.    Of course I am still going to enjoy those carbs I love, but I am just limiting them to two meals a week.  Week one has been going very well and I haven't missed my carbs, 

until today.  

This morning I woke up and I had one thing on the mind.  It took over my weakened Friday brain, and before I knew it I was gravitating out of my bed and making my way toward the kitchen.

 What did I need so badly?


The best part? 
I kind of hate pancakes.....
I probably eat pancakes 3x a year and they have to be loaded with chocolate chips fruits nuts or what ever else you can shove into those fluffy buttery cakes.  

I sprung out of bed and proceeded to make cinnamon chocolate chip walnut pancakes while still in my underwear.  30 minutes later I was late for work but had a plate full of delicious hot cakes. 

Maybe it was the change in diet?  Maybe my taste buds are changing?  Maybe I had a really good dream about pancakes?  Regardless, I am a firm believer into giving into cravings (in moderation) regardless of what kind of food regimen you are following.   I have found that cutting out anything completely leads to bingeing   Next time I have a craving for pancakes I am going to try Taralynns Banana Egg Protein Pancakes.  I didn't have bananas or protein powder on hand so I went for the mix version. 

What are some weird cravings you have had waking up in the morning?

What protein powders do you recommend?

Favorite type of pancakes?


  1. I'm not a big pancake person either, but these are pretty tasty and so simple-

  2. that recipe looks fantastic- i always have greek yogurt on hand- cant wait to try it!


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