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Monday, June 3, 2013

5ks forever

Hello There!
How are you?

Sorry for the hiatus but it's summer on the Connecticut shoreline.  You will find me spending more time doing these things (above) and a little less time on here.  But don't worry- I am still running and trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle.  

I traded out long distance for 5ks, evening runs for 6:30 am runs, and trying to eat healthier while still enjoying my favorite treats. 

I am trying to get back on the HIIT bandwagon and trying to introduce more strength training and stretching into my schedule.

If you haven't- sign up for Fitnessista's Summer Shape up find it here !-  meal ideas and workouts... did I mention it's free?

I will be stopping by the blog for updates, recipes, and silly pictures.  I rely on this blog to keep me accountable for my diets, habits  and workouts... or lack there of!

Thanks for listening as always
Happy Summering<3

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