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Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Squash Side Dish

I had such a great weekend, that my smile carried over to Monday.  Friday night I saw my lovely Liz who was home from DC for the weekend to look at WEDDING VENUES!   I was so happy to see her, chat about the wedding, and see the beautiful diamond on her pretty little finger- Congrats lover:)

 Saturday I rode all of the horses before heading out to one of my dive friends engagement parties.  When I started diving last year I met a fantastic group of people who are as crazy and quirky as me.  I had an amazing time with our group of friends, enjoying eachothers company in the sunshine and drinking a few too many gin and tonics (oops).

 I was so excited and honored when she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids.  3 of my friends are getting married and I am so honored to be a bridesmaid in each one and be a part of their special day-  I don't know if I have ever felt so happy for my friends or so loved!

After a week of healthy eating and down a few pounds, I was so excited to pop into my new dress for the engagement party (marshalls 25$) and loved how I looked and felt in it.  Topped it off with my J Crew wedges (clearance section 20 $) and I was ready to go!  Entire outfit for under 50?  Yup!

Sunday was a very early (dehyrdrated and hung over)  horse show with my sister's horse Bradley.  He was a complete superstar and we had a great day in the show ring at the Westbrook Hunt Club.  Riding all three horses Saturday and Sunday left for a really sore Katie on Monday.

By about 3 o clock I had yet to eat anything and of course, went on a complete binge.  I grabbed a Mystic Pizza "family size" and continued to eat the entire pizza, without the family.  There is nothing wrong with pizza every now and then, and While I will argue that there was NOT four servings in that darn pizza, it certainly wasn't made for one.

I know better to bring snacks with me, but no use crying over spilled milk. Everything in moderation. Next time I cook a pizza I will have to find some company to share it with.

 Until then I am going to laugh about it, leave some emergency snacks in the car, and share a healthy summer side dish with all of you. 

  I needed a side dish for a BBQ and wanted to stick with my healthy recipes.  My heart said POTATO SALAD but my thighs said no.  So I made up my own fun little salad that was flour/potato free but still had the crunch I was looking for.  

I present to you:  
Summer Squash Salad

Cut up two zucchinis and one squash.  I used a pastry brush to coat the slices in garlic infused olive oil. 

I griled them for a few minutes on each side until they were tender and had nice grill marks. 

I chopped up some fresh basil from the garden and halved some cherry tomatoes.  I have never seen purple basil but it was a nice fresh pop of color in my salad. 

To finish off the salad I added some goat cheese, garlic infused olive oil, salt, pepper and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

Light, Fresh, Seasonal Summer veggies- 
 It is a perfect summer side dish for any occasion.

Its Monday, and its July 1st, back to a week of clean eating and hopefully some more running.
Fresh starts for all! 

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